Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Directions in familyhood: A letter to the Queen Mother

Possible Solutions

The Queen Mother Quantum Collective Consciousness [Nommo] often asks "how do we act towards each other in this system of white supramacy", and it always fails to get a satisfactory answer from the online [paltalk] community. The answer is simple, but going from the theory to the reality is very hard....the answer is love, its that simple, love. But we know that if we show love we often get screwed in return. So while the answer is simple the application is quite difficult. One thing we need to do is examine our Ancestors, and see if clues can be found there. Also, how did our Deities relate to each other, unlike the other faiths, our Deities usually came in married pairs....what rules/system did a married God [AUSAR] use in dealing with the Goddess [AUSET]. Can the relationships of divine twins [NOMMO] be of use? What role does sisterhood or brotherhood play in this? Indeed, we so twisted that we gotta ask "what is a female, what is the females role in society" and vice versa, seems even this simple question baffles us, and we sposed to be "smart"! Right now, daily, online and off, i see us struggle with these questions, and using the worst possible examples to guide us. First, lets get one thing crystal clear: the ultimate goal of a male/female relationship is...........


...........in two divisions: the physical [children] and the spiritual. The spiritual goal is for the two complementary minds/spirits/souls to become one spirit in two bodies. This is achievable in a polygamous situation also, the uniting of 3 or more is certainly possible, but only when sisterhood is known, practiced, and emphasized. I dont know of any cases where this unity has been reached with a 1 woman/several husband situation. This unity of spirit does not depend on sex, but if at all possible the unity will manifest as sex, as it is needed to achieve physical oneness. Oneness......yall hear me speak of it a lot, i say its the highest religous principle, it is the backbone of my personal cosmology, and its what i try to achieve with my wife. Now, is oneness, or spiritual unity, the goal of relationships in the west? Hell no!
Was Jesus married? Was the virgin Mary a Goddess, with some say-so in Heaven? Did Jehovah have a wife? No. So how can we solve this problem through them? They provide no examples we can use, they present us with an imbalanced situation, complete male domination. Does RA have a wife? Does AUSET have a husband? Does HERU have parents? Ahhh, now we gettin somewhere, if we look at the marriage of Gods, maybe it can help us here and now, maybe even heal us a lil. What are the key features of the marriage of AUSAR and AUSET? Number 1, they were brother and sister. Stop thinking of this in terms of the taboo, or incest, and consider it this way....siblings in terms of the non-sexual relationship of you and your physical brother, applied to a marriage. Who does a blackman respect more, his blood sister or his girlfriend? Who will he be the most honest with, who will he defend quicker, who will he always "be there" for, his girl or his sister? Reverse this, the deceptions and manipuations a woman uses on her man, she wont even attempt it with her brother....brother and sister dont go for each others bullshit, and stay siblings forever. If i apply the example of AUSAR/AUSET to my life, and realize my WIFE is also my sister, will it help my situation? It has. If I apply the Dogon cosmology of twins, will it help? What two humans are closer than twins? All the twins I have known in life, and I know several sets of both types, have always operated as 1 person with 2 bodies. If I realize that my sister is my twin sister, do i move closer to the goal? If I live it, does my situation improve? Looking at our Gods, there are plenty of examples to help us heal ourselves. Whats the one ingredient needed to make all this reality? Trust. None of this is even remotely possible without trust. And this is where the attacks come in. Krakkas attack us at precisely this point, break any trust between them, and they cant heal themselves, and we keep ruling.


1] Massive Trauma
The middle passage did this, we was broken before we even got here. That slave ship ride over here was unbelievable, when u got off that boat you was through.
2] Memory Wipe
Slavery did this, by the 3rd generation your memory was whiped clean, your culture/Gods forgotten, leaving a blank slate for krakkas to write upon. Any evidence of memory/history was punished with death. Those that found a way around this speak to you now.
3] Memory Rewrite
The system of white supramacy was implanted to replace your erased mind and culture, to keep you a compliant slave. All mental concepts given to Blacks by krakkas only serve to reinforce white supramacy, including christianity. Lynchism, a component of the parent system, was hard wired into us to insure that Trust among us was not achievable.
4] Imitation
The basic method of learning for humans is imitation. With the previous 3 components in place, Blacks imitating whites in all areas of human activity was ensured and reinforced.....conks and perms, pimps and hoes, thieves and preachers, the list goes on and on......find something, anything besides "whites" to guide you.
5] Assimilation
for this, see: Oprah, Condoleeza, Colin, Gumbel, Creflo, MJ, Eddie Murphy, ect....they are what happens when u assimilate AND you super talented. If you are not a star, then see your company snitches, yes men, toms and sambots. In other words, its when you view the world thru a white perspective, and care not about your own.

To fight all this, you gotta, as our sister Sesa always says, kill the krakka in your mind. But after having done this, it must be replaced with something else...love and knowledge of ourselves and our situation. Having reached this point, maybe, just maybe we can start trusting each other..........a lil..and work from there. At least its a starting point......yall have shown some trust, just by letting me talk to yall. I appreciate it very much, it keeps me sane. To find new directions in familyhood, it starts with the individual respecting him/herself, and an unbiased eye, and a basic knowledge of what happened to us, and what our purpose truly is. Failure is not an option. PEACE AND LOVE
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Concept Of Loving Your Enemy: Another chapter of "Directions In Understanding"


THE CONCEPT of loving your enemy is considered by us Blacks to be a invention of whites used to control our behavoir. This view is not only accurate from a particular viewpoint, but is also very useful when a Black attempts to liberate his/her mind from "mental slavery". The white "love ya enemy" concept was invented for the purpose of control, and basically works in this manner: love whites as your God, and hate yourself as a demon. This is symbolized and reinforced by the portrayal of Jesus as "the only begotten" Son of God, which makes God by default " a white male". Once this view is adopted the natural love of God within African people is transferred to include all whites. Since "God" and "His Son" are white, and you are Black, which are opposites, you have the opposite of that natural love for yourself....you/we hate ourselves, as we love whites. This psychology renders both groups incapable of spiritual advancements until significant adjustments are made. In my case, as well as many others, the "adjustment" began with the search for a more "afrocentric" system of faith.
Once you realize the inherent problems with worshipping a "foreign" God, and locate an African conception of God [NTR], the process of healing the psychic wounds of slavery [Post Slavery Traumatic Stress Syndrome], is accelerated. First, you begin to learn of our "Glory Days", the great African empires of the past, such as Kemet, Ta Seti, Axum, Benin, Oyo, Dahomey, Mali, and Ghana. Next you begin to learn of our indigenous spiritual systems, and your advancement is again accelerated. After that, you learn the higher spiritual mysteries....which brings about a conflict. You find that "loving your enemy" is an African concept after all, but its meaning is very different than what the whites expoused.
First off, with me, my understandings of our Cosmology demand that i view seperate things [Blacks and whites, humans and animals, Man and Woman] as ONE thing at its core, and in fact the "seperation" is the illusion, and ONENESS is the reaity. This is NOT backed up by my logical mind, or my senses, which state I am an "individual" unto myself. Am I "part" of the "ONE GOD", or am I "born alone", and its "me agaisnt the world"? After long years of research/contemplation/meditation, acknowledging ONENESS brought me a certain level of peace and understanding to my spirit. In ONENESS [ THE SUM TOTAL OF ALL THE CREATOR`S MANIFESTATIONS] I found the proof that i am what i think i am, God! Oneness also showed me the true meanings of love and respect, as all lifeforms are part of the One. This brings conflict, however, because the natural inclination is to hate whites for their crimes agaisnt us, which despite my advancements, I still do. This informs me that the highest levels of advancement has not been achieved by myself, but , since i know it is a requirement for advancement, the highest levels are closer than they were. "Loving your enemy" is really loving yourself, including the parts of yourself you do not like. Lets say your arm has cancer, and must be amputated, or you will die. You dont hate your own arm do you? Its part of you....you also dont hesitate to amputate it, despite your love, because it will kill you. This applies to enemy humans, who seek to kill me/mine, they are still human [its hard even saying that!], still part of the ONE, but since they are dangerous to life, I cannot hesitate to amputate them....but not in hate, instead in justice! My willingness/ability to fight them is not hampered because I act in justice rather than hate, my fighting is more effective, and in accord with the NTRW, because I fight for justice rather than hate or revenge. "Love" does NOT preempt justice, in fact, love DEMANDS justice. Is this not MAAT? Some have said you have not seen this concept when studying MAAT......did you see anywhere in the knowledge of MAAT that the love you are required to show others was restricted to those whom you like? Does it specifically say "do not love: whites, browns, arabs, europeans, asians, ect? Lastly, there is the "creation", and the acts of the "creation". Tigers are a "creation". Tigers eating us is the "act of a creation". Do I, as a spiritual being, hate the Tiger, or do i hate the tiger`s acts? When i ask the "DIVINE WITHIN", I am told "you and the tiger are ONE....which means if im gonna hate anything, im gonna hate the tigers act of eating me. As a "rational, logical" man, I will naturally hate the tiger, but as an African spiritual being, i will love and respect the tiger, even as i stay out his way to avoid being eaten. I also will not hesitate to kill the tiger if he does NOT avoid me also, if he comes on my property he gets shot on sight. This viewpoint is why Africa still has predators living there that eat humans, whereas europe and places without the African spirituality has exterminated all said predators. Seeing NTR in all lifeforms including yourself requires you to love all lifeforms as yourself, as long as it DOES NOT preempt justice. Justice, comes before love, therefore, bringing whites to justice is an act of love in the face of of hate, not an act of hate in itself, which slavery was. These views allow me to love HUMANITY, while simultaneously bringing war to unjust humans, and hopefully the Gods will find favor in me.......these understandings allow me to love you, regardless of distance, age, sex, wealth, appearance, ect, as a twin sibling, as I love myself, as i love my Creator. And to think this comes from the one that hates/hated whites more than all yall, for longer than all yall, for i knew whites were devils in 1976....... this aint easy to grasp, and even harder to actually live, but the Cosmology as I understand it demands it. Having said all this, its still KFZ forever for me........i dont want roaches in my house, i dont want dogshit in my yard, and i dont want krakkas on my continent.............ever again. htp

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Mentalities of Hip Hop: Part 2 Another chapter from "Directions in Understanding" by Akintunde Amenosis


West Coast Mentality

4] NWA [niggas wit attitudes]

We gotta start, of course, before NWA actually came into existence. The first gangsta record was either Schooly D`s "PSK" [parkside killers] from Philly, or Boogie Down Production`s " Nine Milimeter" [Krs One] from the Bronx, but these were only regional hits, and did not start any trends. The real father of Gangsta rap was a rollin 60 crip named Ice T. Ice T had family in the Bronx, and actually attended the old 70`s community room hip hops, saw Flash, Herc, ect, and befriended Africa Bambattas "son", Afrika Islam. Having seen real hip hop in its native form, he went back to LA [Afrika Islam in tow] and became a pioneering rapper there. He somehow managed to get parts in the first LA hip hop movies [Breakin I and II] and when i saw those movies, and saw my first non-new yorker rapper, i was stunned, and thought Ice T was the WORST rapper i ever saw [i still think he is wack]. Ice then decided that rapping on ny subjects [I could never be wack/Blackman is God/throw ya hands in da air!] wasnt working, and started rhyming about crip life instead. This made his career, and changed hip hop, because the group that copied him exploded......NWA.
NWA is probably the richest rap group ever, by far. Its members include the most famous names there are, they are copied by all at a level not seen since Flash heydey. NWA was: Ice Cube, a former Arizona State student who formed the "stereo crew" while in college [talk about the ultimate in non-kfz living, Arizona U?], MC Ren, just a regular everyday crip with the right friends, Easy E, a major crip drug dealer who bankrolled the whole thing and started the first gangsta record label [Ruthless records], DJ Yella, the local dj, and Dr Dre, the most prolific record producer in hip hop hitory, by far. Dre, who had a pretty boy hair and ruffles band called "world class wrecking crew" [Before I Turn Off The Lights], saw Ice T blow up, and had an idea....switch to hiphop [shows the validity of Dre being "gangsta"], get the `hood dope dealer [Easy E] to put up the money, dress like Run-Dmc, use ny "breakbeats", and drop gangsta lyrics like Ice T. Man, did it work. Just about every gangsta negative u could think of.....NWA used it. The lack of "Blackman is God" lessons meant NWA had NO restrictions on thier content....and thier content showed no restrictions....they produced two of the most damaging albums ever made....and the hip hop world loved them. Overnight, no more Public Enemy, no more Rakim, just an endless stream of fake studio gangstas........"niggas"...."bitches"..."murders". Now the foundation of the negativity came from self-hate, gang life, and police persecution, but what made NWA loved everywhere was an anti-cop anthem that i still blast at top volume in my car, called "Fuck the police". It was the perfect record. Who had enough balls to say what we all think? Nwa, with "fuck the police". Even conscious bros loved that record, and it made one overlook the damage of the other songs. And the jews took notes..... including one Jerry Heller, who was NWA`s manager and Easy E`s business partner at Ruthless records.
Searchin niggas down, and grabbin his nuts
On the other hand, without a gun he cant get none
But dont let it be a Black and a white one
Cause they will slam you, down to the street top
Black police showin out fo da white cop
Ice Cube will swarm, on any mf inna blue uniform
Jusct cause Im from, the CPT
Punk police are afraid of me, ha!
A young nigga on a warpath
When Im finished, its gonna be a bloodbath
Of cops, dying in L.A.
Yo Dre I got something to say.......Fuck da police!

If you cant identify with those lyrics, i dont know where you grew up, but it damn sure wasnt america. Cause we dont love them cops around here.

The jew Mentality

Now we get to some unfamilair ground, at least for some of yall. So much emphasis is placed on fighting krakkas, we feel they are our only enemy. This leads to a tremendous blind spot that the jews take full advantage of. We gotta go way back on this one. In the time of Pericles, the hebrew King Solomon is credited for devising a plan for the peaceful conquest of planet Earth, as isreal`s military and population would always be too small for the job. This plan led the jews to credit Solomon with with being the "world`s wisest man". The plan was basically this: the jews would conquer all by using the most barbaric of humans as "muscle" to break down all existing forms of govt and religion and prepare the people for "one world government rule" of the coming Jesus Christ. The muscle was the whites. The mentality given to prepare the people was Christianity. In addition, the world`s gold and precious stones would be stolen by whites [colonialism/slavery], then stolen from whites [interest bearing loans/banking] for the jew storehouses [giving them control of economics] and the thought patterns of all would be changed to prepare the ppl for the coming Jesus/one world rule [bible and koran][public education]. This plan, devised around 900 bc, before the bible is compiled, is still in effect today [protocols of the learned elders of zion, u can google the document]. Today, this plan includes domination of popular media to instill destructive ideas in the population, and it targets whites first, with us Africans being considered already totally defeated. Think about it, Jesus aint european, the faith is not european, the scriptures are not european, it was all given to the europeans to control them. If you say we shouldnt be christian cause its not African, the whites shouldnt be christain either, cause its not from europe! The God of europe is Odin, and Thor, and Frey [wendsday/Odin`s day, thursday/Thor`s day, friday/Frey`s day]. Dumbass krakkas have long ago left their original deities for Jesus, but its never asked about or spoken of....if u wanna know true european started religion, start with a Thor comic book....all the krakka Gods are in it. From the twin position of fronting as a true european and the mental controller of europeans, the jew is on constant lookout for anything that can help him control minds. Media was tailor made for the jew. Krakkas invented television and records, but jews took over the music, tv programming and advertisements, Even though they enemies, jews and krakkas have a business relationship of: krakkas invent a physical product [tv sets, radios, cars, ect] and the jews sell it [tv programs, radio shows, car ads]. Whenever an opinion could be set by the jews, it was set by a jew, usually hiding as a krakka, through the media. If one entity decides tv programming, tv ads, newspaper op/ed sections, ap/up [associated, united press], and 18 of the 22 magazines on the shelves, public opinion can be controlled. The only weapons the jews truly have is trickery and mind control, krakkas serve as his muscle, he serve as krakkas brains. You say "krakkas i met aint smart enough to rule us". You are correct. They aint......the jews have been operating as the brain since Rome...cause they keep the records. Krakkas have little history that the jews did not record for them, including krakkas most holy scriptures. How does any of this factor into nwa and hip hop being aimed at us instead of by us? Quite simply, its because hiphop is a psychological weapon, and those types of weapons must be under jewish control, or the jew will become endangered. Remember the power inherent in hiphop we discussed previously? jews took note of this power, saw its potentail to shift domination of white thought from jew to Black, or from beast to God, and controlled it thru record companies and distributers and advertisers. Since the overall aim of the jew is the peaceful [thru others fighting wars for them] conquest of earth, destruction, death and murder must be amplified, shaking confidence in all goverments, preparing you mentally for Jesus to return. Does the song "fuck da police" shake confidence in your goverment? Does it cause you to question americas most beloved institutions, the "friendly neighborhood cop"? Does it also make you a truck full of money in the process? Once this record sold millions, the jews knew they could attack the whites, and have new capabilities to destroy them long term, without using an army. The fact that presenting this type of hiphop made us look terrible assured krakkas compliance in allowing it on their store shelves. The jew was one step ahead of everybody. Once nwa was set up, and promoting murder and violence, they just had to wait for someone to introduce the sex angle, and a brother from Miami was just what the dr. ordered....Luther Cambell, aka Luke Skywalker, and his "2Live Crew", introduced the stripper to hiphop, a modification of "Goldie" from the 70`s. They released "as nasty as they wanna be" with a Amazon sister in a bikini on the cover, a sister with the biggest, roundest, sexiest ass in all the world......and Luke got rich. Every time u see a stripper in a video shakin her stuff, u can thank uncle Luke for it....and the jews [and their Black imitators] that later amplified and demanded it from all future artists. Why do i keep sayin jew and not krakka? Look again at Luke....when he and his strip club act started selling out stadiums, and he had 25 Amazons with Hottentot asses up there with him, white america could not take it.....they ran him thru every court there was, arrested him several times, stopped his shows.....that was white america. Their culture says to HIDE that sort of thing, behind closed doors, not beamed into my living room where lil johnny can see it...Who backed Luke to the hilt? It damn sure wasnt us, wasnt Blacks, we were a bit embarrssed by it, and shared krakkas view that it should be kept behind doors, so who backed Luke thru the bs, who beat white america back so Luke could bring us more strippers? the ACLU...american civil liberties union, the jews front organization, and now its strippers on tv 24/7/52........with the resulting breakdown in morality just getting started. The hiphop world awaited nyc response to the LA gangsta takeover, and it came in 1994, with the wu Tang Klan, who mixed the old breakbeats, 5% theology, and complicated styles with the LA gangsta motif, and the ny version of gangsta was born. Wu, even though expousing 5%, put gangsta in their music thru drug dealing, and put ny back on the map. This meant that from coast to coast, somebody had to die on your records, wether you were conscious or not. The jews demanded that you "rep nwa" if u was west coast, and "rep Wu Tang" if east, if u wanted a contract or airplay of your music. What else could could sell records, upkeep the propaganda campaign, and destroy attempts to raise the music back up? Lets see, next u had Biggie Smalls [ny gangsta], then Tupac [cali gangsta] used in a phony intercoast war that produced indirectly a body count that equaled a real war. They both ended up shot....then Jay Z [ny drug dealer] and Snoop [cali drug dealer], then Puffy [ny, diamonds] and Nelly [south, diamonds] and finally back to the strip clubs wit "dirty south" artists like Lil John and Yin Yang Twins. Yin Yang, the most ignorant niggers to ever pick up a mic, and i mean it, have a current song where they say: till the sweat runs down my balls, all you females crawl.......surrounded by the most beautiful [physically] African [usually light-skinned] Amazons anywhere. If its negative, and it sells, the jews gonna promote it. If u can think of an unused negative, u can get rich in music, because of the jewish control and the jewish mindset.


Krakkas only invent weapons and machines. Their music is mechanical, best represented lately by 70`s disco, which they kinda invented instead of biting our R & B, Rock n Roll, Blues, Jazz,and Gospel styles. Disco lasted about 5 weeks before hiphop replaced it forever. Krakkas are forced by lack of....soul?.....to copying creative things from others....they just copy hiphop and hope for the best, that 1 day it will be theirs, like rock is now. It wil be theirs too, cause we gonna invent somethin new, and hiphop will go the way of big bands like Basie, and jazz quartets. All the krakka can do is copy, and buy the cd. The jew owns the labels, we make the art, so whats left? Pressing up the actual vinyl, or cd? Its said M&M is the biggest sellin artist....but millions of Bros buy cd`s bootleg, and these sales are not recorded. However, an M&M fan buys music from walmart, and the sale is recorded, so dont think M is really the most loved.......he just sells the most thru white retailers. The american mental on hiphop is totally twisted, they dont know what to think. Todays white boy has parents that listened to the beatles and elvis, considered to be "anti-american culture" when they came out, and is a lil hesitant to ban hiphop.....but how to explain stadiums of whiteboys at a Wu Tang show calling themselves devils, and us Bros Gods? Figure that one out, and then tell me HipHop aint an under-utilized weapon.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Mentalities of Hip Hop. A chapter from "Directions in Understanding" by Akintunde Amenosis

Allah school, 126st in Harlem, Rakim Allah, Prince Rakeem Allah [RZA], Niggas Wit Attitudes Posted by Hello

The Mentalities of Hip Hop
While its still fresh in my mind, i would like to give you a review of the different mentalities involved in music today. This review will be in four sections: The Homeboy Mentality [Creator of Hip Hop], The Gangsta Mentality [West Coast Homeboys], The jew Mentality [ the record co/media outlet owners], and the americans [white folks]. First, what is a mentality? It is a group of patterned thoughts shared by those of your subculture, or, the way your hood looks at things. These patterns of thought dictate and are manifested in our behavior and actions, and are detectable. So lets detect them in terms of our best potential unifying force today.....Hip Hop.
The New York Homeboy Mentality.
The mentality that i grew up under is this one. It has several key features, all of which can easily be seen in a hiphop record, indeed, these key features ALLOWED us to create it in the first place.

1] I Could Never Be Wack.

This phrase best sums up thought pattern #1. Its translation is i could never/will never be the worst in any area of human life. The clothes i wear are THE clothes to wear, my slang IS the correct slang, whatever standard there is for whatever thing, i will always, by nature, be at the top of the list. I could never, EVER, be wack. The corresponding "I am master of the universe" view was not ignored either. When you hear the massive ego involved by all hiphop artists, it goes back to the old hood saying from the 70`s. Looked upon at a higher level, we homies were attempting to cure ourselves from slaverys self hate injuries by "knowing" that no matter what anybody, including krakkas, said about us negatively......we could never be wack. In concrete reality this was expressed by competition, and it can be seen by rappers always claiming to be better/harder/richer than the next rappper. If you are wearing 100 grand in diamonds, how can you possibly be wack? If the next man is wearing 500 grand, thats how. It also manifested in sports, where losing to a white team in any sport spelled shame [ny public schools are segregated]. Why this did not carry over into academics will be discussed in the jew mental section.Teach yourself and your children to love themselves.

2] The Blackman is God, the whiteman is the devil.

This statement sums up our entire socio-politico-religous thought patterns. I was 14 or 15 when when my homie Tony told me his name was now Allah Savior, and that he was a god, and whites, all whites, were devils. I instantly saw the truth of the second statement, and pretended understanding of the first. Savoir gave me a stack of "lessons" [transcripts of WD Fard teaching Elijah Muhammed in the 30`s] and told me to study. Joining the 5%ters as "Divine Mathematics", i had to be ready for an entire city seeking to test my knowledge, as it seemed like the entire city of homeboys was 5%. Growing up like that, every day spent debating on exactly how and why the Blackman is God, makes paltalk debates seem like child`s play, as no "universal beatdown" was coming for failure.The corresponding adoption of "ALLAH" and the discarding of all things christians was also city-wide. No church-going good boys were to be found at a hiphop in 1979.....to even mention u had respect for Jesus meant u risked a universal beatdown. The lesson "the Blackman is God" allowed us to "know ourselves" enough to create a music, even if our understanding of its meaning was young and immature, like we were. You can hear 5% theology in most ny records up to the year 2000, check Nas, Rakim, and Wu Tang. On a higher level, 5% was the perfect vehicle to prepare us for the Kmtic versions of "know thyself", as both share the fundamental principle of Man`s Divinity, we refused to study most other subjects back then, especially in school. Those of yall that teach, consider this: 5% Lessons" were studied daily by the hardest cats in the city, bros who HATED school. Why?

3] "Get off my jock".

This phrase literally meant stop copying me, stop imitating me, because you could never be as great as me. Being "on my jock" was proof that "i could never be wack", why steal my style if my style is wack? I mention this phrase because it was the first time in my life i noticed a destructive idea manifest in behavior. All of nyc used this phrase, the idea was universal, and in a city of millions squashed together, it symbolized the individual and his/her uniqueness. When 3 million ppl live in your section of the city, finding shoes no one else has becomes a major thing. With all these ppl around you, how do you stand out? Remember, you CANT be wack! You stand out by having something new, by being creative! Remember, you are a God! In your dress, in your rap, in your music, be creative. This caused us to sharpen our creative powers, as a rapper, u had to have a style/lyrics/flow that was unique. When it was copied [proving it wasnt wack] you then had to "protect" said style, lest too many copy it, and it becomes ordinary [wack]. You protected your uniqueness by telling copiers to "get off my jock", if a rapper or dancer, you said "stop biting"[my jock]. Consider this: if you are a "fan" [fanatic] of a rapper, you would be "on his jock", or, on her "bra-strap". The negative side was, anything favor/help you gave anyone was answered with "you on my jock" so friendship became almost impossible, which is why my hood banned the term when its harm was detected. In hiphop, this mentality combined with #1 became the "battle" or "cypher"of mc`s.

4] The Mack of the Year

During hip hop`s formulative years, a movie called 'The Mack", about a pimp named Goldie came out. Goldie became the ideal for male/female relationships, which meant that females had a hard way to go. On one hand we had our mothers, who taught us respect and love for females. On the other, right outside the front door, awaited the pimping mental, which said females had uses, but were never to be shown true respect and love. The better you were at deceiving females into believing you were "different", the more your "macking" game was respected, if female, the more money you could get from males without giving up sex generated respect. The overall criminal mindset was included, for if you couldnt "talk" your way into money, you had to take it from others by force. This deplorable state of affairs is the most visible aspect of hiphop today, the almost naked video ho. Her entire presence in hiphop goes directly back to Goldie, thats why rappers is "pimps" today. She did not exist in Hip Hop until the 2Live Crew dropped "As nasty as they wanna be", but the mindset of Goldie, updated to Luke, then updated to Snoop Dogg, now updated to 50 Cent, has existed since at least the late 60`s. I suggest u rent the movie, so u can provide help to your children when they get "infested" wit Goldie pimp bullshit.

West Coast Mental [Gangsta].

The West Coast, which made major modifications in hiphop, and is second to ny only because ny created the art,differs from the East. Im not as well aquainted with the cali mindset, but i still know the basics. First, Cali and Ny share the "pimp mental" and the "never be wack" mental, so we wont rehash those. Cali differs because of gangs. Lets go back..........

1] Gangsta!

In Cali, a young bro named Raymond Washington, who lived in LA, started a gang called the "baby cribs", to "protect" thier hood from enemies [whites], and patterned it after the pre-existing Mexican gangs. Thier "look" was apparently hats and canes, and after they pulled a robbery, the press coverage qouted a korean lady as saying "they was crips" because of the canes, and the name "Crips" stuck. A founding crip named "Tookie" [Jamie Fox plays him in "Redemption"], broke off and started the "West Side" Crips. As the Crips kept splintering [sets] they spread across the city, and some young bros on Piru street decided they wasnt joining up, and started the "Bloods". Naturally, with thier mutual oppressor safely in the "valley", Bloods and Crips manifested thier self hatred on each other, and went to war. Today, there are hundreds of "sets" in Cali, and hiphop has spread both Blood and Crip globally. You even have them in NY, where originally hiphop dispaced gang life. Gangsterism is the dominant mentality of Cali.

2] "The Big Payback"

This JB record sums up the key feature in gang life. Revenge. It dont matter what started the war, they killed my homie, so i gotta get revenge. This was concept only in NY, expressed in the love of kung fu movies, but in Cali it was reality. I found it unbelievable, the level of violence perpatrated on each other in the name of revenge, that i saw in Cali. These bros went so far back in terms of human culture that they re-invented sign language, and use it at a level not seen since the Twa heydey. The bros out in Cali carried out military expeditions based on revenge of fallen homies, in NY only money generated military responses. The gangsta way of life was put into hiphop by Cali, the guns was put in by Cali, and the replacement family that a gang offers was inserted by them also. There was nothing to balance the lack of "Blackman is God" teachings, so its ALL gangsta, and not much else. Even Tupac, the best-selling rapper ever, left the east as a "conscious" rapper, and re-emerged in the west as a "gangsta", with his conscious lyrics buried inside the gunfire and hoochies and niggaisms. Tupac IS what happened when hip hop became rap music and rap music became big business.

3] Hollywood/F*ck da police

The LAPD was a major influence on Cali homies, for the LA cops are unparralled in handing out ass whuppings to Blacks for no apparent reason. Every Cali "banger" had the real threat of beatings and/or jail overhead each day. Cops had so many ways to brutalize us in Cali it was beyond belief. Naturally, the first thing coming outta LA bros mouths was complaints about the police. We will discuss Chief Parker,[parker center in la] founder of the lapd tactic of "proactive law enforcement" another day, but he was a real devil, gene rodenberry`s "Spock", from "star trek", is based on parker. Proximity to Hollywood definitly influenced Cali, movies influenced our life out there, and made us even more suceptable to film attacks like "the Mack" and "Colors" than most places. "Colors" is probably at the top of the "most destructive" list, because its hollywood portrayal of L.A. gangsta life [Damon Wayans, Leon, and Don Cheadle as Crips???]was imitated by Black youth from coast to coast. "Colors" was the first time i really saw L.A. homeboy culture, from gangs to dress-code. Cali had fake hiphop movies like "breakin" before they even started sellin rap records, these movies show the Cali counterparts to NY institutions of b-boys/graffiti artists, like the "pop-lockers". Cali bros have a certain "showmanship" aspect to them, and this was perfect for what happened next, that changed not only hip hop, but how american Blacks are percieved globally.

4] NWA [Niggas Wit Attitudes].

NWA deserves a chapter by itself.................their effect was that bad. But it was hiphop........to be continued next post...... AKINTUNDE AMENOSIS [Born Understanding]

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hip Hop: An under-utilized weapon. A chapter from "Directions in Understanding" by Akintunde Amenosis

Hip Hop`s Founding Fathers: Herc, Bam, Flash, Furious 5 Posted by Hello

Today its Music, its relationships to the NTRW, harmony and our unification, the powers of rythem, and the under-utilized cultural weapon of Hip Hop, and its fathers R & B and Jazz. How does music relate to the NTRW? As usual with me, we gonna start way back, at the start. When the NTRW designed and created mammilian life [mammals], a key feature of the design was the heartbeat. The heartbeat is the basis of all music, and all rythem, and its rate of beating was set by the NTRW. The human heartbeat averages 70 beats per minute, and a ballad today is about 70 bpm. The "bump-bump" of our heartbeat is the rythem we all live too, it is the FUNDAMENTAL rythem of life. The first musical instrument known to man was a drum, and a drum imitates what? A heartbeat. It probably started out hitting two sticks together, and as we advanced in creating water-carrying devices [gourds, skins, and pottery] it continued with beating a stick agaisnt a gourd, and then the formal drum was invented. Since dance was invented by the Twa, and u need a rythem to dance to, the Twa must have invented the drum also, at least they had drums/music/dance earlier than anyone else. So we have the earliest music, which was man imitating the heartbeat rythem given to him by the NTRW. Many different types of drums were then invented, and from the relativly simple heartbeat rythem we invented vastly more complicated rythems all the way up to today. Along the way we made many important discoveries concerning music, most importantly the fact that music can alter your perceptions/mental state, can make you move involuntarily [head bopping, foot tapping, dance], can cause u to enter a trance state, can assist the Ancestors in communicating with u, among other things. We incorporated music and its many powers into our religious structures and yall know the results of that! Once we had invented the musical scale, with its 7 notes [7 Elemental Gods][7 African powers][7 souls of Man], we noticed that certain combinations of these notes resulted in HARMONY.....and we began to incorporate harmony, or peaceful living, or UNITY, into our culture, and these became embodied in the Goddess Maat. Maat can be expressed musically, is expressed musically. This connection between harmony and Deity is continued to this day, from "gospel" music to "conscious" hip hop. It was said by our Ancestors that PTAH created reality thru 50 vibratory units, or "words of power"......the 50 "words" also have musical expressions, as the 50 "words" are in fact sounds. Ask a musician where his songs come from, he will answer "from within", which is physically the heartbeat [rythem] and spiritually the words of power [notes, chords]. A scientist does not create good music because it must be "felt". These 50 units, which i have NOT been able to identify totally on my keyboard, when "intuited' by a good musician, creates melodies/songs which have the power to effect the human physiology greatly. Think about James Brown for a minute. He pulls those funky songs from the depths of his soul and it is irresistable to us Blacks, you are "forced" by his music to move your body....JB can make u wanna dance, cry, screw, fight, and pray. That is called.............POWER! Having established the connections of music and heartbeat, music and NTRW, and the start of music/dance and our culture, lets examine one form of music and determine wether it is in fact an under-utilized weapon, capable of transforming the human physiology and culture. Lets look at hip hop. First, the basic history of hip hop.....it was invented in 1975 in the bronx river projects by dj Kool Herc. Why did he invent it? Before Kool Herc started it, NYC was undergoing a financial crisis, so the money for music departments in ny was cut to the bone, no instruments were available anymore. we had nothing to lay music with. At the same time, a new type of niteclub, the discoteche, was becoming popular, and the disc jockey [dj] was the discoteche`s only "musician". As we Black kids had no instruments, and this "new" type musician didnt have them either, we began to identify with the "dj'. We replaced drums, trumpets, saxophones, ect, with records containing thier sounds...this is where Herc comes in. Herc, being from the carribean, brought the carib style "sound system" [portable dj] to NY`s underground Black "disco`s" [usually in the community room of your projects]. Herc had moderate success, then he began to play a record from jamaica called "apache". Apache is a 15 minute record with 10 of those minutes being strictly percussion. When Herc played this record, when the percussion "break" came, the ppl went crazy........and the "breakbeat" was born. There were 2 dancer back then called the "nigga twins', who did a strange dance to this breakbeat called apache, where they spun around on the floor. Herc labelled this dance "breakin", and the dancers that did it "breakboys", which became "bronxboy" to the rest of the city, then shortened to "b-boy". Thus the rythem [breaks like apache], and the dance [b-boy, or breakdancer] was established, all that remained was the vocals. Herc became famous in the bronx behind this, but he had a problem.....Herc mixed two copies of 1 record to extend the "break", but he couldnt keep it on beat, in rythem......so another dj solved this with an electronic invention called a "cue". This dj was Grandmaster Flash. Flash was able to extend "breaks" indefinitly, and keep it on beat......and....Flash had 4 bros with him that adopted the carib art of "toasting", where one would say rhymes on top of the record playing. The bro that invented the basic hiphop rhymes was named Keith "Cowboy". Cowboy, now deceased, invented "to the beat yall", "yes yes yall", "hip hop u dont stop" [where the music gets its name] and "throw ya hands in the air, wave em like ya jus dont care". Cowboy named the music, and Flash spread it thruout nyc, via one cassette tape. Flash recorded his show on tape, and i swear, EVERY kid in nyc had a copy, and the next day, EVERY kid was either a dj, or a rapper [MC had not been invented yet]. Whites, and Blacks south of Jersey had no clue about hiphop at all. At this same time, Dj Hollywood was spinning in a Bronx niteclub [signalling the move from parks to clubs], and rhyming while he played records. Hollywood`s style became the "party" style of rapping [Kurtis Blow, Fresh Prince], while Cowboy and the Furious Four repped a more "hardcore, street" style [P.E., KRS-One, Run-Dmc] that featured "battles". Flash and the 5 used to offer 1000 dollars to whoever could "take them out", a enormous sum of money back then. This is where i come in. I got a "flash tape" in 1977, and the next day, i was "rapper J". This next part is significant......my parents, and everybody elses parents, absolutely HATED hiphop! Black parents in nyc HATED it, did not encourage it at all, and gave us ABSOLUTELY NO DIRECTION. This decision eventually led to this weapon being under-utilized. Since our parents ignored hiphop, and did not direct us in it, we stumbled about blindly for acceptance, and was wide open to be exploited. At this point, say 1978/79, hiphop is the ONLY music being played parties thruout ny, and a sister named Silvia Robinson noticed it all........and formed sugar hill records, and released "rappers delight". Rappers delight aint the first rap record, Fatback band released "king tim 3" first [Fatback saw Dj Hollywood perform, and tried to bite], but "delight went triple platinum, and introduced rap to the nation. This entry of record companies into rap changed everything. The old artists like Flash began to do shows in downtown Manhatten, where whites finally saw them. In order to gain greater acceptance, Flash began dressing in costumes and leathers [see "the message" and "planet rock" videos] and homeboys felt a lil betrayed, and hiphop as an art form was dying........and then RUN-DMC came out. RUN-DMC released "its like that" which was a hit, but nuthin special. On the b side however, was "sucker emcees", a true, real, hiphop record. In addition, Run dressed the same as all homies dressed, so we were again represented.....and hip hop became the global phenomenom that its is today. The 5% theology that the hip hop world in NY shared was not repped by RunDmc, but by other artists such as Public Enemy, Rakim, and KRS One, and they dominated rap after Run, as we relearned the spiritual powers inherent in hiphop. Unfortunately, this was when a LA group called NWA [niggas wit attitudes] came out, and the spiritualism was replaced by gangstarism, and control of the music`s content moved from artist to record co. NWA far outsold everyone else and our underutilized weapon was re-aimed directly at us. You cant get more negative than a gangsta rap record, except with a artist like marilyn manson, and negativity was DEMANDED by the record co, and the conscious rapper relegated to the shadows. But a very strange thing happened.........white kids, kids around the world, began imitating these Black rappers, admiring these young Blacks, and falling in love wit our culture......to the extreme fear of the ruling whites Hip hop was a REVERSAL of the centuries old concept of "love white, hate Black".In fact, american psychiatry was in GREAT DANGER because these supposedly "useless, stealin, niggas that are hated by all" were being loved and imitated. If these Blacks used it properly, hip hop had proven itself capable of transforming white attitudes from "hating niggas" to wanting to be Black, admiring Black, and imitating Black......in other words, is Eminem pyschologically capable of being a klansman like his dad? NO! This is POWER........ So here we are today, with a system [hiphop] that is PROVEN capable of erasing the old "niggas invent nothing useful" concept, PROVEN capable of uniting millions under its banner, PROVEN to be an awesome psychological weapon, and where does our Black leadership stand on using hip hop? They stand apart from it, never embracing it, never using its powers, instead letting the jews [who own the major labels] twist it into a destructive force.......all that power.........wasted. Next time i hear "why cant we unify", im gonna wonder why we dont use such an obvious unifying force........i really wish our parents had used some foresight concerning hiphop, instead of letting us get jacked. Dont let our children get jacked too. Yours in Revolution......Akintunde Amenosis [Born Understanding] Htp!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Never Forget! This cannot be repeated!

!! Posted by Hello

How can we ever forget a scene like this?
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Thursday, May 19, 2005



PNF salutes the 8 Ancestors! PNF salutes Imhotep!

Iu-Em-Hetep [He Who Comes In Peace], the African Super-Genius, the son of the Divine Mason, the Designer of the Step Pyramid, the Father of the 7 liberal arts, quite possibly the greatest human being of all time, deified in several countries, still sworn upon by doctors to this day, the Grand Vizier of Pharaoh Zoser, this incredible African deserves to be at the head of our salute to our Ancestors.....KNOW THYSELF! Posted by Hello

PNF salutes Queen Nzinga!

Queen Nzinga of the Ndogo and Matamba Kingdoms [Angola], this warrior Queen fought the portugeuse for 40 years, and never lost a citizen to the slavers. ASE! ASE! ASE! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

PNF salutes Malcolm X! Our living Black manhood

Al Hajj Malik El Shabazz, We thank NTR for you! From being the student of the Hon Elijah, to being the PNF War God, Sen Malik is THE symbol of all Black Nationalists living now and yet to come, truly, the epitome of bravery. ASE! ASE! ASE! Posted by Hello

PNF salutes Noble Drew Ali, Founder of the Moorish Science Temple

The prophet Noble Drew Ali, who introduced Allah and Islam to the Africans trapped in America. His Moors became the foundation of today`s Nation of Islam, Nation of Gods and Earths, and Universal Zulu Nation, among others. ASE! ASE! ASE! We vow to continue in his path of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. Posted by Hello

PNF salutes Queen Tiye, One of the greatest women of all time!

Queen Tiye of Kemet, She was co ruler of Kemet, and the Mother of four Pharaohs, no other woman in global history can make this claim. She stands alone in the ultimate achievement in secular affairs, ruling a superpower successfully while giving birth to and raising four different kings! Let her face stand as proof that Kemet and its illustrious 18th Dynasty was as African as it gets! Queen Tiye not only resembles my own Mother, but the Queen Mother Quantum Collective Consciousness of http://coloredsection.blogspot.com/ as well. Makes me wonder.... Ase! Ase! Ase! All Hail the Queen! Posted by Hello

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PNF salutes Marcus Garvey!

The Ancestor Marcus Garvey, who stood up as a man and demanded that we do too. ASE! ASE! ASE! Our Nation shall rise soon, we will NEVER FORGET you. ASE!

PNF salutes the Great Ancestor Rameses II

This is the Great Ancestor Rameses II, One of the greatest warrior kings Africa ever produced, the winner of the legendary battle of Kadesh where he conquered the Hittites, builder of some of the greatest works of stone in Africa, lied upon by the semites, this is NOT yul brynner, this is the AFRICAN RAMESES II [BORN OF THE GOD RA]! ASE! ASE! ASE! Posted by Hello

PNF salutes Nat Turner, who killed so we could live free!

The Glorious Ancestor Nat Turner planning the end of slavery by force. The virginia slave revolt he lead still scares the enemy to this day! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

You Are......NOT The Father!

Today we will discuss psychological attacks agaisnt the Blacks in the form of a tv show, secifically, the Maury Povich Show. The Maury Povich Show, for those unfamiliar with it, is a daytime "talk" show on broadcast tv. Its main topic is settling the paternity of children, and usually has a woman and a child seeking to find out who the father is. The psychology behind this show is extremely dangerous to the institution of the Black family. Lets us break down and analyze just why its so dangerous, and how it imparts its destructive ideas to the Black masses. The typical scenario is this: a young Sister comes onstage, and Maury explains her circumstances, usually, "i dont know who my babies daddy is, but its gotta be ...[the Blackman just offstage]. Maury expresses sympathy, and promises to help the young Sister, while at the same time mentioning that the Sister has most likely been wrong about paternity before, and suggesting her "morals" are not what they should be. The potential "father" is then brought onstage, to a screaming audience, and immediately says "I aint the one", followed by "she is a hoe", and, "she screwed erbody".The highlight of the show comes next, when Maury reads the paternity test results....."and the results say".......You are.............NOT the father! At this point, two things always happen...the Sister, in tears, runs off the stage Flo-Jo style, and the Brother begins to boogie in happiness! Maury then comforts the Sister, promising all kinds of aid, while the Brother continues to boogie, crip-walk, and posture gangsta-rapper style in front of the hysterical crowd. Maury then promises to continue to help look for the "baby-daddy", which ensures future shows. This scenerio is repeated until the show goes off.
The psychology and purpose behind the show is the destruction of marriage and the Black Family. As if we dont have enough problems within our family already! Lets analize this show step by step: first, Maury explains the Sisters circumstances. Maury [white male], occupies the positions of authority [he is the host], oracle [he is the source of wisdom and truth][possesor of secret knowledge, the test result], historian , and father [as opposed to "baby-daddy"]. Second, the Sister enters the stage, and assures Maury [father] that the Brother backstage is indeed the daddy, but that she can raise the child alone, implying by that statement that she knows she needs help. The Sister occupies the positions of "hoochie" [she dont know who fathered her child], welfare mother [young Black single Motherhood is long symbolized as a "wm"], ignorant [an educated woman would logically never stoop to asking Maury for help], and "ghetto" [signified by the Sista use of language and/or dress]. The only positive assigned to the Sista is her stated desire to "go it alone", which of course bars a stable two parent household, known for millenia to be the optimum family structure. In truth, the Sister is the most positive aspect of the show, as she actually bore children instead of aborting them. Of course the show treats this positive as the world`s biggest mistake. Third, the Brother. Me. OF COURSE the Brother enters the stage, young, Black, dressed gangsta, fluent in homeboy-ology and "ebonics", and worse, fathering children! Truly americas worst nightmare. Every negative image enemies can conceive of right there in front of you......me! First thing out the Brother`s mouth is always "it aint mine, she a hoe" [laying with her is positive, having a child is negative], second is a statement of responsibility [IF its mine, I will "do the right thing"] that seems barely believeable. Rare is the offer of Fatherhood, its mostly an offer of financial support. Marriage, or any form of a dual household, is never mentioned, not even by the "oracle" Maury.....a stable family structure is NEVER suggested as an option. Third, the Brother prays aloud that the child is not his [showing the LAST thing Bro desires is the responsibility and blessings of Fatherhood]. Last, the Brother predicts the Sisters reaction to the test result, saying "she gonna run offstage, just watch" .
And the test results say............you are................not the father!
As predicted, the Sister runs offstage in shame and tears [how could, on national tv, could she be "proven" a promiscuious woman?]. This symbolizes just how big a mistake was made, both in having the child and coming on the show with your personal problems. Motherhood goes down for the count, as it is exposed as all hardship and loneliness, and guess who steps in like a good dad should, with hugs and words of comfort? Maury, the symbolic white father, stable, comforting, promising, helping, loving......as the Sister hides from the crowd [but not the camera] and cries her eyes out. Now, where is the Blackman, while this sister suffers national disgrace? HE IS STILL ONSTAGE, CRIP-WALKING FOR THE ADORING CROWD! You know you seen it before, the Brother, proven right [he told yall it wasnt him], he got him some and beat the charge, he is vindicated! Watching Brothers do touchdown dances like its the super bowl re-inforces the destructive idea that Fatherhood is to be avoided at all costs. The show doesnt even let the Brother speak at this point, they just show the touchdown dance and cut to commercial, "we`ll be right back with Boomsheeka, which of these 8 guys fathered her son? we`ll find out right after these messages".
In my old hood, they called shows like this "some ol bullshit", and "the devils tricknology". Today its daytime tv. What conclusions about life would a young African in america draw after watching this show daily for a year? It hasnt even existed long enough to measure the effects of the "Maury Povich Show" on our youth`s minds, but can it be positive? Can it? Motherhood equated with loneliness and hardship, Fatherhood as something to be avoided at all costs, and Marriage inconceivable? Thats the message of this show. Protect yourself, and loved ones, dont allow these hidden concepts into your mind in the first place, especially the young!
What sad about this show is that its competitors all carry the same negative "programming" as "Maury Povich". "Jenny Jones" featured teen girls in skimpy outfits on a strip club runway, under the excuse of giving them a "makeover". "Jerry Springer" is so bad it deserves 3 posts on its own. These shows all carry hidden destructive concepts that are suicidal, meaning, if you adopt the idea you end up destroying yourself. If you adopt the "Motherhood is lonely and hard" idea promoted by "Maury", will you promote strong African family structures? If you adopt the "Fatherhood is to be avoided" idea, will you promote strong African family structures? Is a strong African family structure a KEY in our advancement? This is why Maury is on tv daily, and self hate is why we enjoy it.
QUESTION: What about the fact that whites are also shown on "Maury"? Are these "destructive ideas" aimed at poor whites also?
There are really only two possible scenerios.....first, a third "entity" [jews] that is not considered fully "white" [by whites], nor "Black" is controlling the content, and targets both groups, second, the whites on the show are "decoys" to hide the controllers trail, which is white. We leave it to you to decide which, and alert me to any other possible scenerios in the comments please.
Akintunde Amenosis and PNF would like to thank Betty Dobson of CEMOTAP for teaching us the skills needed to decipher this show [we were students of yours in the early 90`s]. We also thank Dr Francis Cress Welsing [Isis Papers] for teaching us additional skills in the late 90`s. HETEP to all our Glorious Ancestors, may we find favor with you all.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Why We Can Never Forget/ Why this Blog Exists

Why we cant forget the enslavement of African people. Those who forget thier history are doomed to repeat it! We here at PNF [Project Never Forget] have no intention of ever repeating our experience of chattel slavery, and will never forget the lessons slavery taught us. We also have no plans to repeat the jimcrow [aparthied] era, nor do we plan to perpetually live under a system of white supramacy. We at PNF acknowledge that the creation of our own Black Nation is the only acceptable response to our current condition of oppression, and is the only way to assure our safety, liberty, and right to achieve whatever we desire. Accordingly, the information tools and data needed to "know" ourselves, rebuild our African minds and culture, and re-institute our African law and society will be provided through this, and our sister sites. PNF sees our problems as Africans trapped in the west as primarily a mental condition, and seeks to reverse the destructive thought patterns of self hate through knowledge of self and history.
Project Never Forget is a historical research society dedicated to the revealing of the African truths. PNF was created in 1987 by one African family living in america, that decided they would exercise thier hard-won freedom by relearning the forgotten past, so we would know where next to go. For the last 18 years we have dug up all relevant information to the Black struggle that we could find, and we will present this information to you. We will be conducting online history and analysis classes, playing audio files of our greatest African scholars, presenting detailed book lists and book reviews, playing video files from our archives, and photos from our PNF collection, some of which are quite rare. This is PNF`s first site, but will not be our last. We will not only be bringing you history, but critiques of relevant current events....we promise to be on our job of Black advancement as much as humanly possible, because if we dont get it done, none will get it done for us.
Slavery was a painful lesson, but we promise to be brave in the face of fear.
PNF will not be punked into "hiding" information from the "profane", or "the masses", we will not be punked into silence on relevant topics, we will not, can not, must not be intimidated into any type of "tolerance" for Blacks being oppressed in any way. We will show you where the fear is generated from, how the fear is amplified, and its source/sources.....we promise bravery in getting and distributing to you needed information, and we promise to present the truth, as we conceive it.
Project Never Forget will always present information from an Free African viewpoint. You wont get the 'slave mind" or "asleep" viewpoint here....the various types of "mental" warfare are known to us, and will be exposed by us, and we have counter-measures to insure our vision stays focused. The "willie lynch chip" has been disabled at PNF, and we hope to help disable yours too.
PNF salutes the Creator. The forgotten aspects of African spirituality in its multitude of forms will also be presented on this site. Our foundation is our unity with/love of the CREATOR, irregardless of Name or Form or Ritual.

We thank you for reading our initial post, many are sure to follow. Please visit our Sister blog "Welcome to the Colored Section" and view the last sight you saw on African land, the "door of no return".
Yours in Nationhood and Freedom, Akintunde Amenosis [Born Understanding]
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What HAS to be done, WILL be done