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The CREATOR of men and women, the King of the White Cloth, the Orisha OBATALA

The Yoruba Godess OYA

The Goddess Oya, The Red Buffalo Woman

The God OGUN, Chief of Hunters

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The Red Buffalo Woman

This is an old Yoruba story about the Goddess OYA, in HER aspect as the "Red Buffalo Woman". It is taken from the book "The Hero with an African Face" by Clyde W. Ford.

"He left on his evening hunt, staying out all night, but Chief of Hunters sighted nothing; he just lay on his platform up in the trees. Dawn came to the forest, and Chief of Hunters decided to wait a bit longer until it was light enough or him to make his way back home easily. All of a sudden he saw a buffalo cow approaching, looking right and left, seeing no one, she continued strolling majestically along the path. When she came to the base of a termite mound, to Chief of Hunters suprise, she began to remove her own skin - arm strips, leg strips, and the hide of her head. He watched her make a bundle of all this and stuff it inside the anthill. Then looking right and left again, and seeing no one, she changed herself into a beautiful woman"

What a magnificent sight to behold: the Goddess unmasking to reveal her divinely human form: she is vulnerable now but eminently approachable in this transformed condition.
Chief of Hunters will have to plot his course with care:

"As Buffalo Woman headed off down the road towards the market, carrying locust-beans for sale, Chief of Hunters waited until she was out of sight, then slipped down from his perch and sneaked over to where she had hidden her skin. He took the bundle and went home with it. Then Chief of Hunters went to the market to buy some locust-bean seeds. "Three shillings of Iru [a delicacy made from fried locust-beans] please," he said to Buffalo Woman, still in her beautiful human form. "Only I cant pay you now, can you come to my house to collect what I owe you," he added.
"Iru, Iru," Buffalo Woman called out on her way back to the forest that evening, "who in this compound bought Iru from me today?"
"Over here," said Chief of Hunters, I bought Iru from you this morning."
"I have come to collect my money," replied Buffalo Woman.
"Very well," Chief of Hunters replied, then added,"but wont you come in for a moment?" "Here," he continued, "have something to eat before your journey." And he offered her some yams and drink that he had sacrificed to Ifa.
Having eaten yam and drunk some wine, the beautiful woman felt tired and very sleepy. She fell into a deep sleep, and by the time she woke up it was late enough to leave without arousing suspicion among Chief of Hunters neighbors. But when she reached the place where she had hidden her skins, Buffalo Woman found them missing.
"Ai," she cried out, "Ai," what sort of thing is this? "I looked left and right and I saw no one," she recalled. "Who then could have taken them?" she mused. It must have been the man who bought my locust-beans without paying," she realized. "I better go have a word with him."
When Buffalo Woman reached his house, she pleaded with him: "Please return those things you removed from my hiding place in the forest."
"I didnt see anything of yours," Chief of Hunters responded.
"You did," said Buffalo Woman. "Please, I beg you. Have pity on me, I implore you to return my things!"
"Marry me, then!" said Chief of Hunters abruptly.
"I will," smiled Buffalo Woman. "Only you must promise never to mention to your other wives where you found me nor what you took from me," she admonished.
"Is that all?" said Chief of Hunters with suprise. "Well then, I promise," he pledged. And so it was that Chief of Hunters married Red Buffalo Woman.

The marriage of the Hero to a Goddess is to be understood not only in the conventional sense of a wedding between two people but also in the spiritual sense of a sacred union of a person with his or her highest spiritual striving. Buffalo woman, Goddess of the Forest, is this spiritual ideal of Chief of Hunters; his superlative name implies that he has mastered not only the outer workings of the hunt but the inner as well, and he is therefore ready to achieve this highest revelation - namely, the realization of the Goddess, the motive force behind the cycle of predator and prey, life and death, to which he is so intimately bound. We know this, also, because Chief of Hunters is one manifestation of the Yoruba Deity OGUN, the God of the Hunt. But winning the Goddess is not the end of the story, keeping her is the next challenge, and here Red Buffalo Woman will teach Chief of Hunters a lesson he will never forget....

"After several years, Buffalo Woman had given birth to four children by Chief of Hunters. One day, when he noticed his crop of red beans was ready to be harvested, he asked all his wives to come out to the fields to help. Now, his elder wives had never stopped asking where that "reddish" woman had come from. No relatives had arrived, not one, not once to visit her, nor had she ever been sent for by her family.
"What sort of woman is this?" they thought. But Chief of Hunters refused to tell them. One evening, however, they plied him with enough food and drink until he was no longer able to contain himself. "Esteemed husband, father of the household, you owe it to us," his other wives began. "It`s only proper that we should know the character of one with whom we are forced to associate," they continued. "We are from good families - apparently she is not - but whatever her lineage we deserve to know. Dont you think its about time you told us?" they demanded.
"Cant you leave the poor woman alone?" Chief of Hunters boomed. "What`s she to you?" he roared in his drunkenness. "Wasnt she that buffalo cow I saw taking off her skin out in the forest that day?" he slurred. I bought Iru from her and she came to collect her money. That`s why I married such a buffalo, someone to confide in, someone to shine for me," he confessed in his stupor. "What do you skinny women know of the wonders of the forest anyway?" he went on. "Why shouldnt a hunter marry an animal? Now, does that satisfy you? Get off my back, Im tired." And Chief of Hunters lapsed into a deep sleep.
"Hey, hey," the women gloated. Its a good thing you told us now, isnt it?" they said to his deaf ears. The next night, Chief of Hunters spent on his farm. His wives would join him the next morning. As soon as they arose, they stopped by Buffalo Woman`s door.
"Are you ready?" they inquired.
"Not quite," she replied.
"Hurry up!" goaded the wives. "The sun is up already. Its going to be a hot day."
"Please be patient," replied Buffalo Woman, "I`ll be ready in a moment."
"Reddy, Reddy, come when your ready," they taunted.
"We`ll go on ahead," the wives sneered. "Take your time, Reddy, just keep chewing your cud. Your hide`s in safekeeping in the rafters, so count yourself fortunate, Red Woman!"
"Ai, Ai!" Buffalo Woman`s stomach hit her back with the shock of it. As soon as her co-wives were out of sight, she sent her children out, put her hands on her bag of magic power, then went to fetch water. Now she climbed up to the storage place under the roof, seized the bundle containing her hide, and began to soak it. Then Buffalo Woman put on her skin, bit by bit, over her calves, over her thighs, and over her arms.........

Buffalo Woman poses a significant threat to Chief of Hunters other wives, for she personifies the wild, unknown, chaotic energies of the forest, and they stand for the domesticated, stable energies of society, the status quo. They can only coexist if they accomodate each other`s vastly different requirements. Buffalo woman proves herself capable of existing in thier domesticated world, but the other wives are unable to handle her "wildness". Chief of Hunters should have mediated this domestic dispute, but this is NOT a story about maintaining domestic harmony; it is a story about the choice between living a life committed to the authentic impulses of one`s highest spiritual ideals [marriage to the Goddess] or living a life committed to society`s status quo [marriage to the other wives]. By withdrawing to his farm, Chief of Hunters fails to take a critical step on the path to an authentic life. For after shape-shifting back to her animal form.....

"Buffalo Woman jumped down and ran through the town without touching or harming anyone, on her way to chief of Hunters farm. She ran into the first wife, and killed her, then the second wife, and killed her, and the same fate happened to the third. When her children saw her coming along the path, they began to run, crying, "Please dont hurt us!"
"See," Buffalo Woman said, stopping to pull the hide away from her cheek, "I`m your mother!"
"No you`re not, you`re a buffalo," screamed the children. "Leave us alone! Won`t you please go back to the forest?"
"Of course, it must be so,"replied Buffalo woman. "I am going back to the forest." But first she broke off a piece of horn from her head. "Let me give you this," she told her children. "Whenever you want me to do something for you, just ask this. Call me properly, call me OYA, for that is my name and I will always answer to it. Should anyone act with malice towards you, just let me know. Should you ever want anything - money, wives, children - just call on me, call OYA, OYA!
"Farewell, my children," she said for a final time, pulling the hide back over her face and setting off in the direction of her husbands farm.....
Chief of Hunters saw her coming from a distance; he instinctively knew. "My wives have ruined my life!" he cried.
Buffalo Woman would have klled him at once, but he began praising her. "Noble Buffalo, nothing stops you. You make your own road through the thicket. No undergrowth is too dense for you. Fighter, please dont kill this hunter simply for the sake of killing. It was he who fed you yam. It was he who gave you guinea-corn wine to drink. Please spare the hunter who hosted you, fighting bush-cow!"
Buffalo Woman was moved to pity.
"This day I`m gone for good," she stated. "But I have left a piece of horn with my Children. You too may call on me if you need me - that is, if you know how. Know that I am this sound - OYA!. Know that I am this form - Red Buffalo Woman. Know that I am this power."
Whereupon Buffalo Woman vanished into the forest.

Corner an African buffalo and it will turn and run swiftly or else stand fast and mount an unrelenting fight; affront the Goddess inappropriately and She will respond in a swift and unrelenting way. In the death of the 3 wives, we should not read revenge too quickly, for Buffalo Woman`s response was not the simple vanquishing of foes, It is yet another face of the Goddess -as the destroyer of unyeilding forms, the smasher of vain, self-absorbed egos. Then, in the next moment, upon encountering her children now afraid of her wild form, she lifts her mask for a final time to reveal her essential humanity; rest assured that though it was necessary to appear as the Great Destroyer, she has also never stopped being the bliss-bestowing GREAT MOTHER!
Even the children of the Goddess are no ordinary lot but are symbolic of us all, for the Goddess offspring is humanity!
The message of the Red Buffalo Woman is contained in the last words spoken by Chief of Hunters: "NOBLE BUFFALO, NOTHING STOPS YOU. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN ROAD THROUGH THE THICKET.NO UNDERGROWTH IS TOO DENSE FOR YOU.
So the horn of Red Buffalo Woman reminds us that her power can be ours when we need it; we need only call her name and follow her form, making our own road through the thicket of our lives, FOR NO UNDERGROWTH IS TOO DENSE FOR US TO TRAVEL!!!!

For QMRBW and Sisters Sesa and Sekhmet:

If it seems we are reading far too much into a "simple" African tale, know that the legend of Red Buffalo Woman is told specifically as a healing narrative. When the Ifa oracle is cast, should the person receive the sign known as Osa-Ogunda, this is the narrative that will be chanted by the Babalawo [Yoruba preist]. The afflicted person would thus be determined to be suffering from a condition of impotence and ineffectuality, possibly but not necessarily sexual, and the medicinal herbs given are called "fighting medicine,"comprised mainly of a plant called "buffalo leaf." Applying "fighting medicine" to the body is only the beginning. Hopefully the legend of Red Buffalo woman lingers in one`s mind, calling one back to issues deeper than manifest symptoms. It all depends on one`s capacity for inner growth.


This work was taken from: THE HERO WITH AN AFRICAN FACE by Clyde W. Ford, 1999
bantam books, isbn 0-553-10544-2
please purchase this book, so Ford`s work can continue......
Htp from PNF

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Happy Juneteenth!

Never Forget!

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Poster for "Hotel Rwanda"

Hotel Rwanda
I have watched this movie Hotel Rwanda 3 times, and have researched the history of the country a bit. It brings some many things to mind that I had to tell yall about. First, make sure you see this movie. It is a visual account of what happens when one group of group of Africans sells out another, and the price paid for selling out. Before I analize the movie, lemme give you some Rwandan history. Rwanda borders Lake Tangyanika, one of the great lakes of Central Africa.This area, as yall know, is the birthplace of modern man. There are four groups that make up the population today: the Twa [pygmy], who are the oldest men on earth, and live a totemic and pre-totemic nomadic life in the deep forest, the Hutu, who were farmers who emigrated there in pre-history [maybe 1000 bc], Hutu are short, very Black, with big noses/lips, and were peaceful. Next came the Tutsi, who arrived from either Uganda/Kenya, or from Nile Valley, i aint sure which. The Tutsi was cattle herders, tall, lighter than the Hutu, with finer features, and they arrived about 500 to 1500 ad, prolly closer to 500. The record of Hutu/Tutsi relations before the whites was clearly one that had the Tutsi on top, but no record of ant physical persecution. The last group is the europeans, the belgiums, french, and germans, who colonized the area and did their usual crimes. The krakkas set up an aparthied system, but the Tutsi was exempt from the worst of it. The Tutsi were used by the krakkas to control the Hutu and the land, Hutu being the vast majority of the population [85%]. The krakkas, as always, ruled by death and fear, and the Tutsi served as the krakkas henchmen. krakkas rewarded the Tutsi by educating them, allowing them access, giving them the best jobs/opportunities, the usual divide and conquer tactics. When the Africans finally removed the colonial status and gained independence, in 1962, it was the Hutu that took control of Rwanda. Having gained power, the crimes commited agaisnt the Hutu for all those centuries began to be repaid. The Hutu could not attack the whites since they had mostly returned to europe, but the whites stooges, the Tutsi, was right there. In addition, since the Tutsi was sambos and had received sambo pay thru the centuries, tutsi had far more wealth than the Hutu, although not nearly the wealth that the whites stole. Tutsi living in american style houses. Hutu living in tin shacks. The usual. Naturally, once in power, the Hutu wanted to redistribute the wealth/resources of Rwanda to the population of Rwanda, which is 85% Hutu. This was/is completely unacceptable to krakkas and tutsi. So the Tutsi, backed from europe by krakkas, began to "rebel" agaisnt the Hutu govt. The fighting went back and forth, and the krakkas sought to protect thier "investment" in Rwanda by having the u.n. broker peace, but the u.n. really just protected krakkas property and stooges. when the Hutu president signed for peace, he was assasinated by the tutsi rebels, and the Hutu snapped.

What is policy for sambos?

The Hutu policy became death to all sambos, death to all tutsi. The Hutu felt that true independence from whites could only be achieved if the whites agents were no longer in Rwanda. This meant that Tutsi could leave. Or die. Many tutsi fled, but thats another story. The Tutsi that stayed had thier property "redistributed" or stolen, depending on your point of view, they was rounded up, jailed, shot, killed......the Tutsi that stayed paid a heavy price for the "priviledge" of being Tutsi. The whites, arming they old sambos, the Tutsi "rebels", had the Tutsi invade Rwanda to "stop the genocide" and the Tutsi won. Tutsi now runs Rwanda again for the whites, and Hutu persecuted once again. The movie "Hotel Rwanda" is the "true" story of the biggest Hutu uncle tom in Rwanda.


When you see this movie, please keep some of these observations in mind. The main character, Paul, is the Hutu manager of Rwanda`s 4 star hotel. He is the only Hutu portrayed positively in the whole movie. He spends the whole movie protecting, at risk to himself and his family, the whites, the whites property [the hotel], rich Tutsi guests, and the Tutsi family and friends of his Tutsi wife. His wife is Tutsi, he lives in a house in a Tutsi neighborhood, he speaks proper english, he wears suits, he is, for a Hutu, rich. He is shown loving, depending on, and serving whites, and as a good capitalist, but when the Hutu ask him to attend a pro Hutu rally, he "doesnt have time for politics". His character, with its 'culture and contacts", is shown as the ideal for a good Rwandan. In contrast to this are the other Hutu portrayed, the Hutu hotel worker is shown as a lazy, conniving thief who jacks the presedential suite when the krakkas evacuate. The Hutu army general is shown as totally corrupt, he can be bribed with whiskey, not even money, just some liquor buys him. The Hutu militia, which carried out the killing of Tutsi civilians, are shown wearing clown wigs! with bunny rabbits on the bayonettes of thier rifles! They also show them as savage, bloodthirsty babykillers, there is only one positive Hutu in the whole movie. And that got nominated for an oscar. The krakkas are portrayed as both the victim, and the mastermind of it all. They shown as so powerful that one phone call from a krakka stops an army, one shot from a krakka scatters 50 soldiers, but also shown as victims, so the Hutu tom Paul can be seen saving whites. The mastermind part is were this gets tricky. The natural inclination of a Black is to concentrate on the whites behind the war, the controller. I think a more useful concentration can be found looking at how an African dealt with traitor/sell-outs. This movie seeks to have the viewer identify with the Tutsi, and to applaud at the end when Tutsi rule has been established. But when you see the Hutu, wearing red, black, and green, having protest marches,living in ghettoes, you gonna feel like you are Hutu. The thing is, how are YOU gonna deal with sambos? we talk about about no sambos and revolution, but when you see some of the images in this movie,you gotta think that in a real revolution..........blood is shed. Do you cry at the sight of 300 dead Africans? And if those 300 are sambos, do you still cry? Do you kill the son of a sambo? What if the sambo your father spared comes to kill you? You cant even get to the whites until you deal with these sambos, how can you attack belgium if you cant even rid your house of cockroaches?
Peace and Love
Akintunde Amenosis

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Words From the Knower of Self.....Thoughts on African Cosmology by Brother Jaaja

Heaven and Hell.
Some believe that Heaven is a mystical place up in the sky where God dwells looking down on all creation. It’s said to be a place where righteous souls go after life and are rewarded for having performed good deeds while living on earth. And then there’s Hell, said to be the opposite, a place of fire where unrighteous souls are punished for all eternity for the bad they have done while alive. Do these places really exist? It all depends on your perception. Ancient Kametian science taught that both places are possible to experience, not as an actual physical place, but as states of consciousness. It’s quit possible for one to experience both “ heavenly “ and or “ hellish “ states of consciousness depending on the content of one’s mind. Most of us during the course of a lifetime experience a bit of both.

In the “ Book of Coming Forth by Day and Night “ during the judgment seen the heart (consciousness) of the deceased is weighed against the feather of Maat (symbol of balance, truth, harmony, purity of consciousness). If the heart is found to be pure in state, or light as the feather, the individual soul is allowed to join with it’s higher cosmic self which is immortal. If the heart on the other hand is found to be heavier than the feather it is not allowed to pass but must return to the realm of creation (be reborn) to develop further. The objective here is to achieve balance. Life and the interplay that happens between the soul and the physical world allow us the opportunity to bring into harmony our higher faculties (reason, righteousness, virtuousness, etc) with that of our lower faculties (animal instinct, fear, selfishness, etc). The higher must become master of the lower in order to achieve balance.

What does this all have to do with heaven and hell? As we evolve as spiritual beings through our interaction with the physical world we have many different experiences. These experiences and how we choose to identify with them serve to shape the perceptions of our inner mind. Our identification is what causes the scale to move in one direction or the other. When identified with too strongly, the things we experience in the physical world leave their markings embedded upon us, producing desire in the mind and causing the person to experience states of mental unrest. These imprints that are left behind determine to what degree an individual may experience either “ heavenly “ or “ hellish “ states of awareness. Thoughts take on form just like anything else. To put it simply, we are what we think. When we experience moments of anger, frustration, rage, sadness, depression, we are
in fact experiencing metaphorically speaking, various degrees of “ hell “. This is the hell that comes from being in a state of mental unrest. When we experience moments of great joy, happiness, blissfulness, etc, we are experiencing degrees of “ heavenly “ consciousness. Because this state produces moments of great joy, we seek to have these kinds of experiences over and over again. When we fail to find them within the physical world, they then become the source of great pain and suffering. It’s these kinds of experiences that produce desire, which again is a form of mental unrest. Both states, “ heavenly “ and “ hellish “ symbolically represent the tilting of the scale to one side or the other. Both potentially represent a degree of imbalance depending on how one identifies with either, being that neither represents absolute reality.
Someone may say, why should feeling happiness and blissfulness represent a state of imbalance? My response would be that it doesn’t have to. One can experience moments of happiness or sadness and still maintain balance within themselves as long as one does not identify with the specific emotion or feeling as being who they really are. It’s important to remind ourselves that we are not our emotions. Something challenging can happen to us in life and at that moment we feel sad or we come to hold negative perceptions of ourselves. Another moment something good happens to us and now we feel what we perceive as happiness. This is what’s referred to as ego identification. The person comes to believe that he/she is the emotions that are being experienced through interaction with the outer world. He/she does not identify with the true inner self, which transcends the emotions of the physical body. So the individual’s happiness (heaven) or sadness (hell) is dependent upon what he/she does or does not have in the physical world. If one’s happiness or sadness in determined by external factors existing in the outer world, then it is not true in nature (illusion).
If you believe that you have found true happiness because of the things you may have in life, just ask yourself would you feel the same way if these things were taken away. If you feel that you are unfortunate because you find that there are things you are without, then ask yourself why is it that you place such value on things that eventually someday you will have to leave behind. Some day that’s exactly what will happen. No matter what you have, family, a house, a career, money, fame, etc. At some point the physical body will die and the soul will move on leave all these things behind. So one’s happiness or sadness should not be dependent upon things that are
here one moment then gone the next (illusions). True happiness comes from inner peace, a peace that comes from having a clear conscious, desiring nothing, being at peace with one’s self. To desire nothing at all is to not experience “ heaven “ or “ hell “, but to exist in an eternal state of contentment (htp). The contentment I speak of is one that transcends both “ heaven “ and “ hell “. It is a state that has always been with us and will always be with us, but can only be realized by looking within. May we all find hetep (peace) in this very lifetime.

Jaaja Knower of Self.

The African depiction in American product marketing 1900 to 1950.

"Golliwog" brand firecrackers, made in China, for the Yankee Firecracker MFG Co.What is a "golliwog"? The image on the box is a "golliwog"!

Rastus, a marketing star

Uncle Remus was a marketing giant since the late 1800`s, from minstrels to Rags to syrup to Disney, an american superstar!

Fo dat ol plantation flavor!

A pencil sharpener ad from a Boston manufacturer, and a New Jersey retailer. The disrespect went from coast to coast.

A deck of cards....guess they gonna play some spades.

"Nigger Boy" candy cigs????

The original Drano?

An old Aunt Jemima box.

Sambo brand watermelon....from New Jersey

"Hambone" cigars.

"Stein`s" blackface make up

A "blackface" make-up kit.

For the young white supramacist!

The African depiction in American music 1900 to 1950. A short examination of marketing music thru disgraceful images of Blacks

We have been at the root of american music since the late 1800`s. Imitating Africans then [blackface], imitating Africans now [Eminem]. WTF could be next?

no caption needed

"Lollypop and Sparky"

A Merry Melodious Melange of Modern Minstrelsy.......from Chicago!

Uncle Remus. "Zipeddy doo da........

Cole and Johnson

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

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The "Nigger Head" Collection. Why the fascination with the African head?

"Nigger Head" Smoking Tobacco

"Nigger Head Tobacco"

"Nigger Head Tees"

"Nigger Head Oysters" wall clock

"Jolly Nigger Head Bank"


Friday, June 10, 2005

I hope this bothers yall...."piccaninny floor polish"? We gt dissed to help sell wax? "nigger head" golf tees? does Tiger use those?

This is from salt lake i doubt if any Blacks ever went to the "coon chicken inn" who loved eating coon chicken? The disses continue....

Always showing us eating watermelon......

WHY DO THESE IMAGES HELP SELL PRODUCTS? Put a "big-lipped niggra" in your ads, and sell more products....but how does that work? Why does it work?

This was the "Newports" advertisement of its day.......disgraceful images of Blacks have been used to market products from the start!

These are some images that depict the Blacks in movies, minstrel shows, and cartoons. This image shows a "gangsta" from the 20`s.

Merrie Melodie Cartoons, home of Bugs, Porky, and Daffy. This is the love they had for us.

Look at this garbage.....

Who the hell was Leon Schlesinger, and why did he make shit like this?  Posted by Hello
From " Smoky Mokes" to NWA.... Posted by Hello
The disrespect did not end with the abolishment of slavery.... Posted by Hello

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A Short History of Slavery in Pictures

Im showing the following series of images in an attempt to show you that this is not a game.....this image shows the price of failure. I hope these pics disturb you, i hope you never forget them, as this Ancestor hopes that we dont forget him! Did he suffer this so we can shoot each other down in the street? PNF opens its archives for yall to see....what happened to us here in the west. Htp to those Glorious Ancestors, we salute you!

Surinam, 1772. Caption reads: " A Negro hung by the Ribs on the Gallows". Notice the heads on pikes in the background!
Dont think that miss ann aint get her licks in too......

This image is for Marcabru, who thinks slavery under the catholics was "easier" than slavery under the british. This is Balboa the catholic having his dogs eat the Original Men of the west.
What HAS to be done, WILL be done