Tuesday, May 17, 2005

PNF salutes the Great Ancestor Rameses II

This is the Great Ancestor Rameses II, One of the greatest warrior kings Africa ever produced, the winner of the legendary battle of Kadesh where he conquered the Hittites, builder of some of the greatest works of stone in Africa, lied upon by the semites, this is NOT yul brynner, this is the AFRICAN RAMESES II [BORN OF THE GOD RA]! ASE! ASE! ASE! Posted by Hello


Blogger Sesa Woruban said...

Usr-Maat-Ra Setep-en-Ra Ra-messu-Meri-Amon, aka Rameses II - what a powerful name! Now let me share this with you taken from "The Husia" by Maulana Karenga:

And Pharoah Rameses II surrounded on the battle field by enemies and greatly troubled prayed saying:

Now I call on you from the ends of the earth, O'Amen Ra. All that I have done was for the love of you. O'Father, Amen Ra, I cry out to you, for I am in the midst of many enemies and the whole of this land is against me. Though I called out to them, there was none who responded to my call.

Now I cry out to you O'Ra, and I find that you, Ra, are more helpful to me than millions of soldiers, more than hundreds of thousands of chariots, more than thousands of brothers and sons, all put together. For the effort of many is naught compared to the majesty and might of Amen Ra.

Then said Pharoah Rameses II: Now though I prayed in a distant land, my voice resounded in southern On. I found Amen Ra came when I called Him. He gave me His hand...I found my heart strong and full of joy. And all I did succeeded.

As my brotha Born would say "uh, uh, uh."


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