Tuesday, May 17, 2005

PNF salutes Nat Turner, who killed so we could live free!

The Glorious Ancestor Nat Turner planning the end of slavery by force. The virginia slave revolt he lead still scares the enemy to this day! Posted by Hello


Blogger Sesa Woruban said...

By some accounts, Baba Nat was born in Virginia on October 2nd, 1800. We should be remembering that day and DOING something to honor his memory.

There are more Nat's out there than we will ever know - so could we possible make the observance of his birthday an ceremony honoring Strong Black Gods all over the planet?

Ever hear of a novel by William Styron called "The confessions of Nat Turner", written in 1967? Well this c a u c a s i a n emasculates Baba Nat in his book. It's a fictional story based on a whiteman's fantasy, but we must remain vigilant!

As Truth is the antidote to a LIE, try this: "The Second Crucifixion of Nat Turner," edited by Baba John Henrik Clarke.

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