Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Directions in familyhood: A letter to the Queen Mother

Possible Solutions

The Queen Mother Quantum Collective Consciousness [Nommo] often asks "how do we act towards each other in this system of white supramacy", and it always fails to get a satisfactory answer from the online [paltalk] community. The answer is simple, but going from the theory to the reality is very hard....the answer is love, its that simple, love. But we know that if we show love we often get screwed in return. So while the answer is simple the application is quite difficult. One thing we need to do is examine our Ancestors, and see if clues can be found there. Also, how did our Deities relate to each other, unlike the other faiths, our Deities usually came in married pairs....what rules/system did a married God [AUSAR] use in dealing with the Goddess [AUSET]. Can the relationships of divine twins [NOMMO] be of use? What role does sisterhood or brotherhood play in this? Indeed, we so twisted that we gotta ask "what is a female, what is the females role in society" and vice versa, seems even this simple question baffles us, and we sposed to be "smart"! Right now, daily, online and off, i see us struggle with these questions, and using the worst possible examples to guide us. First, lets get one thing crystal clear: the ultimate goal of a male/female relationship is...........


...........in two divisions: the physical [children] and the spiritual. The spiritual goal is for the two complementary minds/spirits/souls to become one spirit in two bodies. This is achievable in a polygamous situation also, the uniting of 3 or more is certainly possible, but only when sisterhood is known, practiced, and emphasized. I dont know of any cases where this unity has been reached with a 1 woman/several husband situation. This unity of spirit does not depend on sex, but if at all possible the unity will manifest as sex, as it is needed to achieve physical oneness. Oneness......yall hear me speak of it a lot, i say its the highest religous principle, it is the backbone of my personal cosmology, and its what i try to achieve with my wife. Now, is oneness, or spiritual unity, the goal of relationships in the west? Hell no!
Was Jesus married? Was the virgin Mary a Goddess, with some say-so in Heaven? Did Jehovah have a wife? No. So how can we solve this problem through them? They provide no examples we can use, they present us with an imbalanced situation, complete male domination. Does RA have a wife? Does AUSET have a husband? Does HERU have parents? Ahhh, now we gettin somewhere, if we look at the marriage of Gods, maybe it can help us here and now, maybe even heal us a lil. What are the key features of the marriage of AUSAR and AUSET? Number 1, they were brother and sister. Stop thinking of this in terms of the taboo, or incest, and consider it this way....siblings in terms of the non-sexual relationship of you and your physical brother, applied to a marriage. Who does a blackman respect more, his blood sister or his girlfriend? Who will he be the most honest with, who will he defend quicker, who will he always "be there" for, his girl or his sister? Reverse this, the deceptions and manipuations a woman uses on her man, she wont even attempt it with her brother....brother and sister dont go for each others bullshit, and stay siblings forever. If i apply the example of AUSAR/AUSET to my life, and realize my WIFE is also my sister, will it help my situation? It has. If I apply the Dogon cosmology of twins, will it help? What two humans are closer than twins? All the twins I have known in life, and I know several sets of both types, have always operated as 1 person with 2 bodies. If I realize that my sister is my twin sister, do i move closer to the goal? If I live it, does my situation improve? Looking at our Gods, there are plenty of examples to help us heal ourselves. Whats the one ingredient needed to make all this reality? Trust. None of this is even remotely possible without trust. And this is where the attacks come in. Krakkas attack us at precisely this point, break any trust between them, and they cant heal themselves, and we keep ruling.


1] Massive Trauma
The middle passage did this, we was broken before we even got here. That slave ship ride over here was unbelievable, when u got off that boat you was through.
2] Memory Wipe
Slavery did this, by the 3rd generation your memory was whiped clean, your culture/Gods forgotten, leaving a blank slate for krakkas to write upon. Any evidence of memory/history was punished with death. Those that found a way around this speak to you now.
3] Memory Rewrite
The system of white supramacy was implanted to replace your erased mind and culture, to keep you a compliant slave. All mental concepts given to Blacks by krakkas only serve to reinforce white supramacy, including christianity. Lynchism, a component of the parent system, was hard wired into us to insure that Trust among us was not achievable.
4] Imitation
The basic method of learning for humans is imitation. With the previous 3 components in place, Blacks imitating whites in all areas of human activity was ensured and reinforced.....conks and perms, pimps and hoes, thieves and preachers, the list goes on and on......find something, anything besides "whites" to guide you.
5] Assimilation
for this, see: Oprah, Condoleeza, Colin, Gumbel, Creflo, MJ, Eddie Murphy, ect....they are what happens when u assimilate AND you super talented. If you are not a star, then see your company snitches, yes men, toms and sambots. In other words, its when you view the world thru a white perspective, and care not about your own.

To fight all this, you gotta, as our sister Sesa always says, kill the krakka in your mind. But after having done this, it must be replaced with something else...love and knowledge of ourselves and our situation. Having reached this point, maybe, just maybe we can start trusting each other..........a lil..and work from there. At least its a starting point......yall have shown some trust, just by letting me talk to yall. I appreciate it very much, it keeps me sane. To find new directions in familyhood, it starts with the individual respecting him/herself, and an unbiased eye, and a basic knowledge of what happened to us, and what our purpose truly is. Failure is not an option. PEACE AND LOVE
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