Monday, May 16, 2005

You Are......NOT The Father!

Today we will discuss psychological attacks agaisnt the Blacks in the form of a tv show, secifically, the Maury Povich Show. The Maury Povich Show, for those unfamiliar with it, is a daytime "talk" show on broadcast tv. Its main topic is settling the paternity of children, and usually has a woman and a child seeking to find out who the father is. The psychology behind this show is extremely dangerous to the institution of the Black family. Lets us break down and analyze just why its so dangerous, and how it imparts its destructive ideas to the Black masses. The typical scenario is this: a young Sister comes onstage, and Maury explains her circumstances, usually, "i dont know who my babies daddy is, but its gotta be ...[the Blackman just offstage]. Maury expresses sympathy, and promises to help the young Sister, while at the same time mentioning that the Sister has most likely been wrong about paternity before, and suggesting her "morals" are not what they should be. The potential "father" is then brought onstage, to a screaming audience, and immediately says "I aint the one", followed by "she is a hoe", and, "she screwed erbody".The highlight of the show comes next, when Maury reads the paternity test results....."and the results say".......You are.............NOT the father! At this point, two things always happen...the Sister, in tears, runs off the stage Flo-Jo style, and the Brother begins to boogie in happiness! Maury then comforts the Sister, promising all kinds of aid, while the Brother continues to boogie, crip-walk, and posture gangsta-rapper style in front of the hysterical crowd. Maury then promises to continue to help look for the "baby-daddy", which ensures future shows. This scenerio is repeated until the show goes off.
The psychology and purpose behind the show is the destruction of marriage and the Black Family. As if we dont have enough problems within our family already! Lets analize this show step by step: first, Maury explains the Sisters circumstances. Maury [white male], occupies the positions of authority [he is the host], oracle [he is the source of wisdom and truth][possesor of secret knowledge, the test result], historian , and father [as opposed to "baby-daddy"]. Second, the Sister enters the stage, and assures Maury [father] that the Brother backstage is indeed the daddy, but that she can raise the child alone, implying by that statement that she knows she needs help. The Sister occupies the positions of "hoochie" [she dont know who fathered her child], welfare mother [young Black single Motherhood is long symbolized as a "wm"], ignorant [an educated woman would logically never stoop to asking Maury for help], and "ghetto" [signified by the Sista use of language and/or dress]. The only positive assigned to the Sista is her stated desire to "go it alone", which of course bars a stable two parent household, known for millenia to be the optimum family structure. In truth, the Sister is the most positive aspect of the show, as she actually bore children instead of aborting them. Of course the show treats this positive as the world`s biggest mistake. Third, the Brother. Me. OF COURSE the Brother enters the stage, young, Black, dressed gangsta, fluent in homeboy-ology and "ebonics", and worse, fathering children! Truly americas worst nightmare. Every negative image enemies can conceive of right there in front of! First thing out the Brother`s mouth is always "it aint mine, she a hoe" [laying with her is positive, having a child is negative], second is a statement of responsibility [IF its mine, I will "do the right thing"] that seems barely believeable. Rare is the offer of Fatherhood, its mostly an offer of financial support. Marriage, or any form of a dual household, is never mentioned, not even by the "oracle" Maury.....a stable family structure is NEVER suggested as an option. Third, the Brother prays aloud that the child is not his [showing the LAST thing Bro desires is the responsibility and blessings of Fatherhood]. Last, the Brother predicts the Sisters reaction to the test result, saying "she gonna run offstage, just watch" .
And the test results are................not the father!
As predicted, the Sister runs offstage in shame and tears [how could, on national tv, could she be "proven" a promiscuious woman?]. This symbolizes just how big a mistake was made, both in having the child and coming on the show with your personal problems. Motherhood goes down for the count, as it is exposed as all hardship and loneliness, and guess who steps in like a good dad should, with hugs and words of comfort? Maury, the symbolic white father, stable, comforting, promising, helping, the Sister hides from the crowd [but not the camera] and cries her eyes out. Now, where is the Blackman, while this sister suffers national disgrace? HE IS STILL ONSTAGE, CRIP-WALKING FOR THE ADORING CROWD! You know you seen it before, the Brother, proven right [he told yall it wasnt him], he got him some and beat the charge, he is vindicated! Watching Brothers do touchdown dances like its the super bowl re-inforces the destructive idea that Fatherhood is to be avoided at all costs. The show doesnt even let the Brother speak at this point, they just show the touchdown dance and cut to commercial, "we`ll be right back with Boomsheeka, which of these 8 guys fathered her son? we`ll find out right after these messages".
In my old hood, they called shows like this "some ol bullshit", and "the devils tricknology". Today its daytime tv. What conclusions about life would a young African in america draw after watching this show daily for a year? It hasnt even existed long enough to measure the effects of the "Maury Povich Show" on our youth`s minds, but can it be positive? Can it? Motherhood equated with loneliness and hardship, Fatherhood as something to be avoided at all costs, and Marriage inconceivable? Thats the message of this show. Protect yourself, and loved ones, dont allow these hidden concepts into your mind in the first place, especially the young!
What sad about this show is that its competitors all carry the same negative "programming" as "Maury Povich". "Jenny Jones" featured teen girls in skimpy outfits on a strip club runway, under the excuse of giving them a "makeover". "Jerry Springer" is so bad it deserves 3 posts on its own. These shows all carry hidden destructive concepts that are suicidal, meaning, if you adopt the idea you end up destroying yourself. If you adopt the "Motherhood is lonely and hard" idea promoted by "Maury", will you promote strong African family structures? If you adopt the "Fatherhood is to be avoided" idea, will you promote strong African family structures? Is a strong African family structure a KEY in our advancement? This is why Maury is on tv daily, and self hate is why we enjoy it.
QUESTION: What about the fact that whites are also shown on "Maury"? Are these "destructive ideas" aimed at poor whites also?
There are really only two possible scenerios.....first, a third "entity" [jews] that is not considered fully "white" [by whites], nor "Black" is controlling the content, and targets both groups, second, the whites on the show are "decoys" to hide the controllers trail, which is white. We leave it to you to decide which, and alert me to any other possible scenerios in the comments please.
Akintunde Amenosis and PNF would like to thank Betty Dobson of CEMOTAP for teaching us the skills needed to decipher this show [we were students of yours in the early 90`s]. We also thank Dr Francis Cress Welsing [Isis Papers] for teaching us additional skills in the late 90`s. HETEP to all our Glorious Ancestors, may we find favor with you all.


Blogger ALa said...

Your post has some good points, but I think that it neglects several factors...
1) There are tons of whites and Hispanics that are also featured on these shows --not knowing the paternity of your child is not solely a 'black thing'.
2) MAYBE others watching these shows will be so disgusted at all parties involved they will take the lesson to heart and vow to never end up in that situation.
3) Guests go on this show (as repellant as it may be) of their own volition. No one asks them to bring this to national television. Mauri (though obviously doing it for ratings) is providing these people with DNA tests they could probably never afford on their own. (all guests of all colors/walks of life).

I am not attempting to validate the show -only pointing out that this is not a 'victim' scenario. This is willing participants all around.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Born Understanding said...

ty Ala, but 1] i said that whites are also featured, and Hispanics are under the same attacks as Blacks, 2]watchers being so disgusted that they never become parents is my point, and 3]anyone who puts thier personal business such as thier sex life on tv to be ridiculed deserves the shame tht comes with it, but guests dont control content.

12:43 PM  
Blogger etryer said...

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4:12 PM  
Anonymous rootzhouse said...

D.N.A. test are not as expensive as they oncee were. I have seen them offered on the internet for 2-3 hundred dollars. I honestly believe many submit to this ridicule and minstrial show, for the free trip to nyc.....

Excellent commentary and anaylisis of one of the many destructive elements broadcasted the ONE EYED BEAST. It's not called the idiot box for nothing.


3:44 AM  
Blogger Sesa Woruban said...

A funny thing happened on the way home from work, and I thought of you [Born Understanding] and this post.

I was listening to the Sam Silk show on 107.5 WGCI. He is now talking on the air to people with children, giving paternity tests and airing the results.

He first allows the participants to air their dirty laundry, pretending he is really interested in the plight of the wayward couple.

After a few moments of bickering back and forth, he then announces that he'll be back with the ten minutes. An eternity on radio.

When he returns, he plays a song, it goes something like ", B..A..B..Y D..A..D..A let's find out if you're the baby's daddy, you gone pay if you're the baby's daddy..." to the tune of " B-A-B-Y M-A-M-A"


Then the results.

Doesn't matter what the results are! The audience is divided! Men against women, the 'other' women against the married women. Single mothers against absent dads, resentful dads against children. DIVIDED!!!!

It was the most clever thing a krakka could have done to scatter us to the 4 winds - even if he had dark skin.


6:41 PM  

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