Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Concept Of Loving Your Enemy: Another chapter of "Directions In Understanding"


THE CONCEPT of loving your enemy is considered by us Blacks to be a invention of whites used to control our behavoir. This view is not only accurate from a particular viewpoint, but is also very useful when a Black attempts to liberate his/her mind from "mental slavery". The white "love ya enemy" concept was invented for the purpose of control, and basically works in this manner: love whites as your God, and hate yourself as a demon. This is symbolized and reinforced by the portrayal of Jesus as "the only begotten" Son of God, which makes God by default " a white male". Once this view is adopted the natural love of God within African people is transferred to include all whites. Since "God" and "His Son" are white, and you are Black, which are opposites, you have the opposite of that natural love for hate ourselves, as we love whites. This psychology renders both groups incapable of spiritual advancements until significant adjustments are made. In my case, as well as many others, the "adjustment" began with the search for a more "afrocentric" system of faith.
Once you realize the inherent problems with worshipping a "foreign" God, and locate an African conception of God [NTR], the process of healing the psychic wounds of slavery [Post Slavery Traumatic Stress Syndrome], is accelerated. First, you begin to learn of our "Glory Days", the great African empires of the past, such as Kemet, Ta Seti, Axum, Benin, Oyo, Dahomey, Mali, and Ghana. Next you begin to learn of our indigenous spiritual systems, and your advancement is again accelerated. After that, you learn the higher spiritual mysteries....which brings about a conflict. You find that "loving your enemy" is an African concept after all, but its meaning is very different than what the whites expoused.
First off, with me, my understandings of our Cosmology demand that i view seperate things [Blacks and whites, humans and animals, Man and Woman] as ONE thing at its core, and in fact the "seperation" is the illusion, and ONENESS is the reaity. This is NOT backed up by my logical mind, or my senses, which state I am an "individual" unto myself. Am I "part" of the "ONE GOD", or am I "born alone", and its "me agaisnt the world"? After long years of research/contemplation/meditation, acknowledging ONENESS brought me a certain level of peace and understanding to my spirit. In ONENESS [ THE SUM TOTAL OF ALL THE CREATOR`S MANIFESTATIONS] I found the proof that i am what i think i am, God! Oneness also showed me the true meanings of love and respect, as all lifeforms are part of the One. This brings conflict, however, because the natural inclination is to hate whites for their crimes agaisnt us, which despite my advancements, I still do. This informs me that the highest levels of advancement has not been achieved by myself, but , since i know it is a requirement for advancement, the highest levels are closer than they were. "Loving your enemy" is really loving yourself, including the parts of yourself you do not like. Lets say your arm has cancer, and must be amputated, or you will die. You dont hate your own arm do you? Its part of also dont hesitate to amputate it, despite your love, because it will kill you. This applies to enemy humans, who seek to kill me/mine, they are still human [its hard even saying that!], still part of the ONE, but since they are dangerous to life, I cannot hesitate to amputate them....but not in hate, instead in justice! My willingness/ability to fight them is not hampered because I act in justice rather than hate, my fighting is more effective, and in accord with the NTRW, because I fight for justice rather than hate or revenge. "Love" does NOT preempt justice, in fact, love DEMANDS justice. Is this not MAAT? Some have said you have not seen this concept when studying MAAT......did you see anywhere in the knowledge of MAAT that the love you are required to show others was restricted to those whom you like? Does it specifically say "do not love: whites, browns, arabs, europeans, asians, ect? Lastly, there is the "creation", and the acts of the "creation". Tigers are a "creation". Tigers eating us is the "act of a creation". Do I, as a spiritual being, hate the Tiger, or do i hate the tiger`s acts? When i ask the "DIVINE WITHIN", I am told "you and the tiger are ONE....which means if im gonna hate anything, im gonna hate the tigers act of eating me. As a "rational, logical" man, I will naturally hate the tiger, but as an African spiritual being, i will love and respect the tiger, even as i stay out his way to avoid being eaten. I also will not hesitate to kill the tiger if he does NOT avoid me also, if he comes on my property he gets shot on sight. This viewpoint is why Africa still has predators living there that eat humans, whereas europe and places without the African spirituality has exterminated all said predators. Seeing NTR in all lifeforms including yourself requires you to love all lifeforms as yourself, as long as it DOES NOT preempt justice. Justice, comes before love, therefore, bringing whites to justice is an act of love in the face of of hate, not an act of hate in itself, which slavery was. These views allow me to love HUMANITY, while simultaneously bringing war to unjust humans, and hopefully the Gods will find favor in me.......these understandings allow me to love you, regardless of distance, age, sex, wealth, appearance, ect, as a twin sibling, as I love myself, as i love my Creator. And to think this comes from the one that hates/hated whites more than all yall, for longer than all yall, for i knew whites were devils in 1976....... this aint easy to grasp, and even harder to actually live, but the Cosmology as I understand it demands it. Having said all this, its still KFZ forever for me........i dont want roaches in my house, i dont want dogshit in my yard, and i dont want krakkas on my continent.............ever again. htp


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