Thursday, February 16, 2006

National Buy Black Day is Feb 18

Welcome Brothers, Sisters, friends, and other supporters. It's time to take a step toward economy independence and security and help fullfil the dreams of those that have sacrificied their very lives for our futures. On Saturday, Febuary 18, 2006 we encourage you to find a Black business and do business with them. If you are already using their services, find a new one to patronize on that day as well. They all need our support. Recycling the dollars that we spend in America is paramount to the success of a stable economic base for our brothers, sisters and families. We as a people have to take control of the resources that we spend in this country and spend with a purpose. To help empower US! Of the almost 700 Billion Dollars that Blacks spend in America annually, only 5 cents of every dollar is spent with other Black people. We have to invest in us now! NATIONAL BUY BLACK DAY ! February, 18th,2006
What HAS to be done, WILL be done