Saturday, July 30, 2005

Notes on the Great Mother

The Great Mother, also known as the "Venus of Willendorf". This statue was found in a grave over 20,000 years old, and is evidence of the African religion of the "Great Mother" had spread to areas far outside of Africa.

One day, no more than 150,000 years ago, an African woman was gathering food for her children, in central Africa, when she came upon a cobra. This woman was not the first woman to exist, as human females have existed for several million years, but she was homo sapien sapiens, which is identical to us today. The cobra, which swayed back and forth as cobras do, caused the woman to enter a state of trance because of its rhythmic movements. While in this trance state, called MEN AB MEDITATION by the teacher Ra Un Nefer Amen, the woman, for the first time in human history, was able to perceive and receive instructions from the Divine. She was the first human to perceive the "TREE of LIFE", and the basics of civilization, and the first human laws. The woman took these instructions, which came from NTR, thru the cobra, and BEGAT HUMAN CIVILIZATION! This woman, whose name, if she had one, is lost, became known in later eons as the Great Mother. Her accomplishment of introducing civilization to us removed /separated human from the other kingdoms of Creation. No longer did human act as "animals", or "upright apes", instead becoming, as human is STILL becoming, spiritual beings. This woman, the human Great Mother, can be found, and thus this story be proven, by checking the contents of ancient graves worldwide, yes, worldwide! She was depicted as a fat mature woman, with large breast, hips, ass, and belly. Statues of her, the oldest statues on earth, are found worldwide. The civilization She birthed is called "totemic society"[use of animal or plant life as the identifying symbol of a Klan] , the original "marital" system was called "polyandry"[ the female chooses and mates with whomever she wishes, no marriages], and the original ritual was deploringly of virgin daughters with a dull stone knife, the original law was all daughters were sexually "off limits" until "initiated into womanhood" by the original ritual. Before the human Great Mother and her laws, human beings had no laws, no systems of marriage, no religion, no clans or tribes, no permanent villages, no farming, and very limited culture. The significance of this woman cannot be underestimated.

Let us look at the state of humanity when the human Great Mother begat civilization. What exactly did she do, and why? The "Great Mother"laid down the basis of being civil in order to protect her children! Having no laws concerning sexual conduct meant the occurrence of rape was very high, as was the rape of under age girls....Remember, we are talking about at least 100,000 years in the past. The Great Mother rectified this problem with several innovations, and we today do not know if only one woman accomplished them all, or if it was a succession of women over time.

The First Ritual

In order to prepare her daughters for the coming sexual approaches from males, the First Ritual was devised, its purpose was to prepare girls for womanhood. The GM and her eldest daughter deplored the younger daughters, breaking the hymen with a dull stone knife, afterglow they were considered "available".

The First Law was those girls who had NOT undergone the First Ritual were "off limits" to local males. As reproduction is essential to continued existence, the first laws and rituals dealt with sex.

The First Society arose when the Great Mother used the symbol of the Tree to identify herself and her children, who formed the first Klan, or tribe. The Great Mother was extremely prolific at childbearing, which is what made her powerful enough to bring about these changes. By marking all of her children, grandchildren, EST, with a tree symbol, and having birthed more children than any other woman, a trait shared by her children, the "Tree" people soon grew and began to dominate local food supplies. Another woman noted the Great Mother innovations and copied them, marking her children as the "Stone" people.....And so Law and Ritual began to spread.

The First Religion

As the centuries went on, the descendants of these women all saw the Great Mother as the original ancestor, the "life-giver" of the Klan, and they saw God in the Great Mother`s form. Fatherhood was still unknown [under a polyandrous system, a male cannot know which, if any, children are genetically his], so God was "Mother". As more time went on, the descendants forgot the original tales and said "my Mother is a tree", or a stone, or a cow, or a coyote, these being the symbols of their own Great Mother. As our knowledge of the Divine grew, the human Great Mother became the divine Great Mother [Apt, Auset, Het-Heru, Mut, Ashtarte, Virgin Mary, Olokun, Yemaya, Mother Nature, Eve, among many others]

The Rise of Man

After the original system of polyandry was replaced by group marriage [where everyone in the tribe is married to everyone else in the tribe, but no others] and then to polygamy, a male could at last be sure of which children came from him......and "fatherhood" was born. This was reflected with the advent of the "father Gods", the oldest of which is PTAH of the Nile Valley. When only Motherhood was known God was imaged as mother, but PTAH was not only "Father", He needed no mother to exist, being self-created. Already well known 10,000 years ago, we know PTAH today as "God" the Father, OBATALLA, the "God" of Abraham, Allah, Jehovah, Odin, ect. The rise of "fatherhood" in human society, with the switch from a matriarchal government to a patriarchal one, was reflected in religion with the Great Mother being reduced in importance in some areas, and completely removed in others, and made the source of misfortune in others. If you are a Christian, you no longer recognize Her at all, and blame Her for being kicked out of Eden.

Its a shame that in the biblical story everything bad is attributed to Her. Because female is blamed for all things bad in all 3 "major" religions means that u under a psychic attack that is DOUBLE that of a Black man. The cure is "knowledge of self", in this case knowing a more "accurate" story of human beginnings, one that matches the physical record. If you KNOW that you as a Black African Woman birthed all society, how can you be convinced that you are a "worthless nigger bitch?" The battle today is for the mind.........remember.....HUMAN THOUGHT was invented/perfected by YOU...


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