Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Thank you, Sister Rosa.......Thank you, Thank you, Thank you sister Rosa Parks

Thank you sister Rosa, your courage was the spark that ignited the movement, and we will love and respect you always! ASE! ASE! ASE! You stood up by refusing to stand up and give away your seat on the bus, and if a frail-in-stature woman could stand up agaisnt the beast as you did, men like me cant help but admire you! NEVER FORGET OUR NEWEST GLORIOUS ANCESTOR.... THE GREAT MOTHER OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT...ROSA PARKS!


Blogger Sesa Woruban said...

ASE and Amen. Was Mama Rosa just tired? By her own account, when they told her to move, she thought of Emmit Till who had been brutally murdered about 10 months before, and she could not, would not, move.

Ase Mama Rosa. May the Ancestors greet you in the Sekhet Hetep with jubilation.


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