Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thoughts on Tookie.......

Hetep family, its been a while..... some thoughts on Tookie Williams, the recently executed brother from California.....
First of all, you know im gonna stand agaisnt the state execution of a Black man, for reasons that include the inherent bias of the american criminal justice system, and the history of america itself, which shows a brother rarely recieve a fair turn. A huge Blackman such as Tookie, in a court? The visual alone means an unfair trial. For those that need evidence of the bias of american justice, much information is available for those that bother to look. So my baseline assumption concerning Tookie is that he probably recieved an unfair trial, conviction, and execution. But is this accurate? In a fair and just system, what would be Tookie`s fate? In a system of my own design, what would be Tookie`s fate?


The Crips street gang was started in 1967 by Raymond Washington in Los Angeles. Among the original members was Tookie Washington. *note that the media claims Tookie as founder*.. A few years later, Tookie broke off a section of Crips to form the first division in the Crips [sets], called the West Side Crips [WSC]. When you hear Ice Cube yell "westside!", the original refferal is to the West Side Crips. This division proved in later years to be fatal, as Crip "sets" have battled Crip "sets" ever since, in addition to thier feud with the Bloods. Tookie was in those days a major architech of the Crip mindset, which has brought so much death and destruction to our people, and has spread from coast to coast.


This is the question for me....I realize that the conditions for "Crip" were set up by our enemies, and armed by our enemies, and entered the drug trades on advice from our enemies, but does Tookie bear some responsibility? What percentage? And how much has been counter-acted by Tookie`s admirable contributions in the later half of his life? In order to design a just system to live by, i gotta find answers to these questions ......

Do the positive actions of Tookie in the years before he was executed excuse him from execution?

Another question that I wonder about.....does the positive delete the negative?

In a system of my design, i probably would have executed Tookie for founding such a destructive force back in the 1980`s.

Another thing I wonder about....maybe my system has a design flaw?

Why did I feel a sense of loss when Tookie was actually executed?

I felt like we took a an "L" when Tookie was killed, like we lost a true soldier...


I would appreciate any feedback on this, htp family, sorry this took so long, but im back now...HTP!

What HAS to be done, WILL be done