Thursday, May 19, 2005

PNF salutes the 8 Ancestors! PNF salutes Imhotep!

Iu-Em-Hetep [He Who Comes In Peace], the African Super-Genius, the son of the Divine Mason, the Designer of the Step Pyramid, the Father of the 7 liberal arts, quite possibly the greatest human being of all time, deified in several countries, still sworn upon by doctors to this day, the Grand Vizier of Pharaoh Zoser, this incredible African deserves to be at the head of our salute to our Ancestors.....KNOW THYSELF! Posted by Hello


Blogger Sesa Woruban said...

Ok, a few thangs that prolly nobody cares about but me...but imma share them anyhow!

I am not trying to re-deify him, with this post. It's my intent to provided just a little more info outside the usual.

From "Egyptian Philosophers by Molefi Kete Asante:

"Only the human can activate the god. One must certainly be careful how the word is spoken because when it is spoken it creates an awesome power. We speak and the words are life, they are material and substantive."

Still from Baba Molefi's book:
On a statue found in Upper Egypt there is an inscription...from [Imhotep]-Pedu-Bast (High Priest of Mn-Nfr "Memphis") that says: I am your son, perfect in the service of your Ka on all your festival days..."

(ya'll know we like to party, right?)

First Festival - May 31
The birthdate of Imhotep.

Second Festival - December 27
The day Sekhmet, beloved of Ptah, ordains and glorifies the image of Imhotep.

Third Festival - June 23
The day of the slaying of the vile Asiatics by Sekhmet. She tears off their limbs and capsizes their boats in the Red Lake.

Fourth Festival - July 1
The day of the lamentations for the death of Imhotep.

Fifth Festival - July 7
The day on which Imhotep reposes before his father after his death.

Sixth Festival - April 19
The day on which the spirit of Imhotep departs towards the great place of sojourn in the whole earth.

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