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The Mentalities of Hip Hop: Part 2 Another chapter from "Directions in Understanding" by Akintunde Amenosis


West Coast Mentality

4] NWA [niggas wit attitudes]

We gotta start, of course, before NWA actually came into existence. The first gangsta record was either Schooly D`s "PSK" [parkside killers] from Philly, or Boogie Down Production`s " Nine Milimeter" [Krs One] from the Bronx, but these were only regional hits, and did not start any trends. The real father of Gangsta rap was a rollin 60 crip named Ice T. Ice T had family in the Bronx, and actually attended the old 70`s community room hip hops, saw Flash, Herc, ect, and befriended Africa Bambattas "son", Afrika Islam. Having seen real hip hop in its native form, he went back to LA [Afrika Islam in tow] and became a pioneering rapper there. He somehow managed to get parts in the first LA hip hop movies [Breakin I and II] and when i saw those movies, and saw my first non-new yorker rapper, i was stunned, and thought Ice T was the WORST rapper i ever saw [i still think he is wack]. Ice then decided that rapping on ny subjects [I could never be wack/Blackman is God/throw ya hands in da air!] wasnt working, and started rhyming about crip life instead. This made his career, and changed hip hop, because the group that copied him exploded......NWA.
NWA is probably the richest rap group ever, by far. Its members include the most famous names there are, they are copied by all at a level not seen since Flash heydey. NWA was: Ice Cube, a former Arizona State student who formed the "stereo crew" while in college [talk about the ultimate in non-kfz living, Arizona U?], MC Ren, just a regular everyday crip with the right friends, Easy E, a major crip drug dealer who bankrolled the whole thing and started the first gangsta record label [Ruthless records], DJ Yella, the local dj, and Dr Dre, the most prolific record producer in hip hop hitory, by far. Dre, who had a pretty boy hair and ruffles band called "world class wrecking crew" [Before I Turn Off The Lights], saw Ice T blow up, and had an idea....switch to hiphop [shows the validity of Dre being "gangsta"], get the `hood dope dealer [Easy E] to put up the money, dress like Run-Dmc, use ny "breakbeats", and drop gangsta lyrics like Ice T. Man, did it work. Just about every gangsta negative u could think of.....NWA used it. The lack of "Blackman is God" lessons meant NWA had NO restrictions on thier content....and thier content showed no restrictions....they produced two of the most damaging albums ever made....and the hip hop world loved them. Overnight, no more Public Enemy, no more Rakim, just an endless stream of fake studio gangstas........"niggas"...."bitches"..."murders". Now the foundation of the negativity came from self-hate, gang life, and police persecution, but what made NWA loved everywhere was an anti-cop anthem that i still blast at top volume in my car, called "Fuck the police". It was the perfect record. Who had enough balls to say what we all think? Nwa, with "fuck the police". Even conscious bros loved that record, and it made one overlook the damage of the other songs. And the jews took notes..... including one Jerry Heller, who was NWA`s manager and Easy E`s business partner at Ruthless records.
Searchin niggas down, and grabbin his nuts
On the other hand, without a gun he cant get none
But dont let it be a Black and a white one
Cause they will slam you, down to the street top
Black police showin out fo da white cop
Ice Cube will swarm, on any mf inna blue uniform
Jusct cause Im from, the CPT
Punk police are afraid of me, ha!
A young nigga on a warpath
When Im finished, its gonna be a bloodbath
Of cops, dying in L.A.
Yo Dre I got something to say.......Fuck da police!

If you cant identify with those lyrics, i dont know where you grew up, but it damn sure wasnt america. Cause we dont love them cops around here.

The jew Mentality

Now we get to some unfamilair ground, at least for some of yall. So much emphasis is placed on fighting krakkas, we feel they are our only enemy. This leads to a tremendous blind spot that the jews take full advantage of. We gotta go way back on this one. In the time of Pericles, the hebrew King Solomon is credited for devising a plan for the peaceful conquest of planet Earth, as isreal`s military and population would always be too small for the job. This plan led the jews to credit Solomon with with being the "world`s wisest man". The plan was basically this: the jews would conquer all by using the most barbaric of humans as "muscle" to break down all existing forms of govt and religion and prepare the people for "one world government rule" of the coming Jesus Christ. The muscle was the whites. The mentality given to prepare the people was Christianity. In addition, the world`s gold and precious stones would be stolen by whites [colonialism/slavery], then stolen from whites [interest bearing loans/banking] for the jew storehouses [giving them control of economics] and the thought patterns of all would be changed to prepare the ppl for the coming Jesus/one world rule [bible and koran][public education]. This plan, devised around 900 bc, before the bible is compiled, is still in effect today [protocols of the learned elders of zion, u can google the document]. Today, this plan includes domination of popular media to instill destructive ideas in the population, and it targets whites first, with us Africans being considered already totally defeated. Think about it, Jesus aint european, the faith is not european, the scriptures are not european, it was all given to the europeans to control them. If you say we shouldnt be christian cause its not African, the whites shouldnt be christain either, cause its not from europe! The God of europe is Odin, and Thor, and Frey [wendsday/Odin`s day, thursday/Thor`s day, friday/Frey`s day]. Dumbass krakkas have long ago left their original deities for Jesus, but its never asked about or spoken of....if u wanna know true european started religion, start with a Thor comic book....all the krakka Gods are in it. From the twin position of fronting as a true european and the mental controller of europeans, the jew is on constant lookout for anything that can help him control minds. Media was tailor made for the jew. Krakkas invented television and records, but jews took over the music, tv programming and advertisements, Even though they enemies, jews and krakkas have a business relationship of: krakkas invent a physical product [tv sets, radios, cars, ect] and the jews sell it [tv programs, radio shows, car ads]. Whenever an opinion could be set by the jews, it was set by a jew, usually hiding as a krakka, through the media. If one entity decides tv programming, tv ads, newspaper op/ed sections, ap/up [associated, united press], and 18 of the 22 magazines on the shelves, public opinion can be controlled. The only weapons the jews truly have is trickery and mind control, krakkas serve as his muscle, he serve as krakkas brains. You say "krakkas i met aint smart enough to rule us". You are correct. They aint......the jews have been operating as the brain since Rome...cause they keep the records. Krakkas have little history that the jews did not record for them, including krakkas most holy scriptures. How does any of this factor into nwa and hip hop being aimed at us instead of by us? Quite simply, its because hiphop is a psychological weapon, and those types of weapons must be under jewish control, or the jew will become endangered. Remember the power inherent in hiphop we discussed previously? jews took note of this power, saw its potentail to shift domination of white thought from jew to Black, or from beast to God, and controlled it thru record companies and distributers and advertisers. Since the overall aim of the jew is the peaceful [thru others fighting wars for them] conquest of earth, destruction, death and murder must be amplified, shaking confidence in all goverments, preparing you mentally for Jesus to return. Does the song "fuck da police" shake confidence in your goverment? Does it cause you to question americas most beloved institutions, the "friendly neighborhood cop"? Does it also make you a truck full of money in the process? Once this record sold millions, the jews knew they could attack the whites, and have new capabilities to destroy them long term, without using an army. The fact that presenting this type of hiphop made us look terrible assured krakkas compliance in allowing it on their store shelves. The jew was one step ahead of everybody. Once nwa was set up, and promoting murder and violence, they just had to wait for someone to introduce the sex angle, and a brother from Miami was just what the dr. ordered....Luther Cambell, aka Luke Skywalker, and his "2Live Crew", introduced the stripper to hiphop, a modification of "Goldie" from the 70`s. They released "as nasty as they wanna be" with a Amazon sister in a bikini on the cover, a sister with the biggest, roundest, sexiest ass in all the world......and Luke got rich. Every time u see a stripper in a video shakin her stuff, u can thank uncle Luke for it....and the jews [and their Black imitators] that later amplified and demanded it from all future artists. Why do i keep sayin jew and not krakka? Look again at Luke....when he and his strip club act started selling out stadiums, and he had 25 Amazons with Hottentot asses up there with him, white america could not take it.....they ran him thru every court there was, arrested him several times, stopped his shows.....that was white america. Their culture says to HIDE that sort of thing, behind closed doors, not beamed into my living room where lil johnny can see it...Who backed Luke to the hilt? It damn sure wasnt us, wasnt Blacks, we were a bit embarrssed by it, and shared krakkas view that it should be kept behind doors, so who backed Luke thru the bs, who beat white america back so Luke could bring us more strippers? the ACLU...american civil liberties union, the jews front organization, and now its strippers on tv 24/7/52........with the resulting breakdown in morality just getting started. The hiphop world awaited nyc response to the LA gangsta takeover, and it came in 1994, with the wu Tang Klan, who mixed the old breakbeats, 5% theology, and complicated styles with the LA gangsta motif, and the ny version of gangsta was born. Wu, even though expousing 5%, put gangsta in their music thru drug dealing, and put ny back on the map. This meant that from coast to coast, somebody had to die on your records, wether you were conscious or not. The jews demanded that you "rep nwa" if u was west coast, and "rep Wu Tang" if east, if u wanted a contract or airplay of your music. What else could could sell records, upkeep the propaganda campaign, and destroy attempts to raise the music back up? Lets see, next u had Biggie Smalls [ny gangsta], then Tupac [cali gangsta] used in a phony intercoast war that produced indirectly a body count that equaled a real war. They both ended up shot....then Jay Z [ny drug dealer] and Snoop [cali drug dealer], then Puffy [ny, diamonds] and Nelly [south, diamonds] and finally back to the strip clubs wit "dirty south" artists like Lil John and Yin Yang Twins. Yin Yang, the most ignorant niggers to ever pick up a mic, and i mean it, have a current song where they say: till the sweat runs down my balls, all you females crawl.......surrounded by the most beautiful [physically] African [usually light-skinned] Amazons anywhere. If its negative, and it sells, the jews gonna promote it. If u can think of an unused negative, u can get rich in music, because of the jewish control and the jewish mindset.


Krakkas only invent weapons and machines. Their music is mechanical, best represented lately by 70`s disco, which they kinda invented instead of biting our R & B, Rock n Roll, Blues, Jazz,and Gospel styles. Disco lasted about 5 weeks before hiphop replaced it forever. Krakkas are forced by lack of....soul? copying creative things from others....they just copy hiphop and hope for the best, that 1 day it will be theirs, like rock is now. It wil be theirs too, cause we gonna invent somethin new, and hiphop will go the way of big bands like Basie, and jazz quartets. All the krakka can do is copy, and buy the cd. The jew owns the labels, we make the art, so whats left? Pressing up the actual vinyl, or cd? Its said M&M is the biggest sellin artist....but millions of Bros buy cd`s bootleg, and these sales are not recorded. However, an M&M fan buys music from walmart, and the sale is recorded, so dont think M is really the most loved.......he just sells the most thru white retailers. The american mental on hiphop is totally twisted, they dont know what to think. Todays white boy has parents that listened to the beatles and elvis, considered to be "anti-american culture" when they came out, and is a lil hesitant to ban hiphop.....but how to explain stadiums of whiteboys at a Wu Tang show calling themselves devils, and us Bros Gods? Figure that one out, and then tell me HipHop aint an under-utilized weapon.


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good post God, very clear and informative.

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Only angle you missed is how "Uncle Albert" was playing around with Lysergic Acid Dieylthylamide & came up with LSD-25 which throws the fear of mankind's true creator into you by holding up a mirror to the very soul.

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