Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Short History of Slavery in Pictures

Im showing the following series of images in an attempt to show you that this is not a game.....this image shows the price of failure. I hope these pics disturb you, i hope you never forget them, as this Ancestor hopes that we dont forget him! Did he suffer this so we can shoot each other down in the street? PNF opens its archives for yall to see....what happened to us here in the west. Htp to those Glorious Ancestors, we salute you!

Surinam, 1772. Caption reads: " A Negro hung by the Ribs on the Gallows". Notice the heads on pikes in the background!


Anonymous darkmatter said...

Greetings and peace. The tidal wave of black consciousness is unrelenting and unforgiving. It Felt wonderful after completing a blog entry of my own,to venture to PNF and The Honorable QM Nommos blog and see corrosponding thoughts so liken to my own being expressed. Nuff Respect and keep the fyah burning..

seek justice

1:08 PM  

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