Friday, June 10, 2005

Look at this garbage.....



Blogger Raul C. Goldstein said...

The problem American publishers always had with Little Black Sambo is the historical American penchant for being incapable of understanding the way "black" is used in the UK. Little Black Sambo is a story about India (hence it features Indian tigers rather than African lions) and Sambo is Indian, as are his parents Mumbo and Jumbo. Therefore American publishers were incapable of conceiving of illustrations featuring a child that looked Indian rather than African. They habitually cast Sambo with African features despite the setting being in India, the tigers being Indian, and the end product of the tiger's running around the tree being ghee -- a quintessential Indian product that has no connection to Africa, nor to America. Little Black Sambo is about a little boy in India and while American publishers and illustrators were probably too ignorant to be able to understand that, an American reader with a rudimentary understanding of the world should be able to pick that up. If one needs to be offended, then aim it at the illustrators -- not Helen Bannerman.

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