Thursday, February 16, 2006

National Buy Black Day is Feb 18

Welcome Brothers, Sisters, friends, and other supporters. It's time to take a step toward economy independence and security and help fullfil the dreams of those that have sacrificied their very lives for our futures. On Saturday, Febuary 18, 2006 we encourage you to find a Black business and do business with them. If you are already using their services, find a new one to patronize on that day as well. They all need our support. Recycling the dollars that we spend in America is paramount to the success of a stable economic base for our brothers, sisters and families. We as a people have to take control of the resources that we spend in this country and spend with a purpose. To help empower US! Of the almost 700 Billion Dollars that Blacks spend in America annually, only 5 cents of every dollar is spent with other Black people. We have to invest in us now! NATIONAL BUY BLACK DAY ! February, 18th,2006

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thoughts on Tookie.......

Hetep family, its been a while..... some thoughts on Tookie Williams, the recently executed brother from California.....
First of all, you know im gonna stand agaisnt the state execution of a Black man, for reasons that include the inherent bias of the american criminal justice system, and the history of america itself, which shows a brother rarely recieve a fair turn. A huge Blackman such as Tookie, in a court? The visual alone means an unfair trial. For those that need evidence of the bias of american justice, much information is available for those that bother to look. So my baseline assumption concerning Tookie is that he probably recieved an unfair trial, conviction, and execution. But is this accurate? In a fair and just system, what would be Tookie`s fate? In a system of my own design, what would be Tookie`s fate?


The Crips street gang was started in 1967 by Raymond Washington in Los Angeles. Among the original members was Tookie Washington. *note that the media claims Tookie as founder*.. A few years later, Tookie broke off a section of Crips to form the first division in the Crips [sets], called the West Side Crips [WSC]. When you hear Ice Cube yell "westside!", the original refferal is to the West Side Crips. This division proved in later years to be fatal, as Crip "sets" have battled Crip "sets" ever since, in addition to thier feud with the Bloods. Tookie was in those days a major architech of the Crip mindset, which has brought so much death and destruction to our people, and has spread from coast to coast.


This is the question for me....I realize that the conditions for "Crip" were set up by our enemies, and armed by our enemies, and entered the drug trades on advice from our enemies, but does Tookie bear some responsibility? What percentage? And how much has been counter-acted by Tookie`s admirable contributions in the later half of his life? In order to design a just system to live by, i gotta find answers to these questions ......

Do the positive actions of Tookie in the years before he was executed excuse him from execution?

Another question that I wonder about.....does the positive delete the negative?

In a system of my design, i probably would have executed Tookie for founding such a destructive force back in the 1980`s.

Another thing I wonder about....maybe my system has a design flaw?

Why did I feel a sense of loss when Tookie was actually executed?

I felt like we took a an "L" when Tookie was killed, like we lost a true soldier...


I would appreciate any feedback on this, htp family, sorry this took so long, but im back now...HTP!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Thank you, Sister Rosa.......Thank you, Thank you, Thank you sister Rosa Parks

Thank you sister Rosa, your courage was the spark that ignited the movement, and we will love and respect you always! ASE! ASE! ASE! You stood up by refusing to stand up and give away your seat on the bus, and if a frail-in-stature woman could stand up agaisnt the beast as you did, men like me cant help but admire you! NEVER FORGET OUR NEWEST GLORIOUS ANCESTOR.... THE GREAT MOTHER OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT...ROSA PARKS!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Notes on the Millions More Movement

Hetep family
These are my observations of the Millions More Movement, Oct 15, which I just attended. First, I have attended every march that held the name "Million", from the first MMM, to the million women in Philly, to million youth in Harlem, and million family in DC. In each case I took careful observations, and I feel qualified to give a first hand account.
The Million More march, first off, elated and disappointed me both. I was elated at the chance to attend the 10th anniversary, and looked forward to some concrete things getting accomplished, and at the chance for my wife and children to attend with me. The first MMM affected me greatly, and I wanted my kids to feel what it was like, the power. I wanted them to see Blacks that stood up for something, to see Blacks that act as men and women, that had pride and honor and responsibility and love for each other. This I accomplished. My children listened [as much as young kids can] to the speeches, waved the red, black and green flag, and danced when Wyclef performed, smiling broadly! I was elated to see the Nation of Islam out in all their garb, the men looking clean and strong, the women looking dignified and purposeful. I saw Nationalists from all over, each in their kufu, or Malcolm t-shirt, or African wear, or fatigues, looking like they ready to build a nation. I saw regular Black folks, ready, eager to participate in the "plan", and waiting to hear just what the "plan" was. I did NOT see all the new "invitees" such as hispanics, poor whites, liberals, and Native Americans. I saw 99% Blacks making up the crowd, and wondered about why we invited the others at all, seeing that they didn't actually show up. I was proud of us, elated! It was a great day.

I listened to the speeches, which carried a common enough theme that after the first 3 hours they seemed to blend into one speech. Again, I was elated, hearing us from all over america, talking that talk! No one got on the mic and said anything truly stupid, it was great that these people had a national forum, even if they only got 30 seconds apiece. The passion in some of those speeches! Especially the young! It was a beautiful thing to see....
There was truly a spirit of peace and love at the MMM 05, and I tried to soak up every bit of it. But there were some disturbing aspects as well.......

The Turnout.

I attended the first MMM, I attend the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn every year since the 80`s, so Im used to being in large crowds in a rectangular space, and can estimate how many people are in the crowd. The Brooklyn parade on labor day is usually 2-4 million, and based on that crowd [in a rectangle, Eastern Pkwy], the first MMM [in a rectangle] had over 1million people, and I was one of them. This years MMM was maybe, maybe 200,000! Since the first MMM was limited to Black males, and was universally critized and ridiculed, then why was it at least 5 times bigger than this one? I was saddened when I actually saw the crowd midway through, the first MMM was shoulder to shoulder all the way to Washington's monument, but this one wasnt shoulder to shoulder anywhere, not even up front! All the churches and org`s than didnt participate last time, and said they was down this time, where were they? For that matter, the warriors that surrounded me at the first wasnt there either. Was the "inclusiveness" of this MMM the reason?

All in all it was a lovely experience, that seemed devoid of the power of the first MMM. Although spiritual energy and love was everywhere that day, it seemed to be.....directionless, unfocused. The speakers tried hard to focus the crowd, but you know who, other than Minister Farrakhan, focused the crowd actually at the event? Wyclef Jean. His music ignited the children, mine included, and rose the energy level significantly...a lesson i wont soon forget. Even with the lack of turnout this was still a landmark event, and should become a national Black ritual....I truly hope it does.

Never Forget!

Monday, August 22, 2005

PNF Salutes the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

Minister of Defense Huey P Newton



This took courage!

Patrice Lumumba

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Notes on the Great Mother

The Great Mother, also known as the "Venus of Willendorf". This statue was found in a grave over 20,000 years old, and is evidence of the African religion of the "Great Mother" had spread to areas far outside of Africa.

One day, no more than 150,000 years ago, an African woman was gathering food for her children, in central Africa, when she came upon a cobra. This woman was not the first woman to exist, as human females have existed for several million years, but she was homo sapien sapiens, which is identical to us today. The cobra, which swayed back and forth as cobras do, caused the woman to enter a state of trance because of its rhythmic movements. While in this trance state, called MEN AB MEDITATION by the teacher Ra Un Nefer Amen, the woman, for the first time in human history, was able to perceive and receive instructions from the Divine. She was the first human to perceive the "TREE of LIFE", and the basics of civilization, and the first human laws. The woman took these instructions, which came from NTR, thru the cobra, and BEGAT HUMAN CIVILIZATION! This woman, whose name, if she had one, is lost, became known in later eons as the Great Mother. Her accomplishment of introducing civilization to us removed /separated human from the other kingdoms of Creation. No longer did human act as "animals", or "upright apes", instead becoming, as human is STILL becoming, spiritual beings. This woman, the human Great Mother, can be found, and thus this story be proven, by checking the contents of ancient graves worldwide, yes, worldwide! She was depicted as a fat mature woman, with large breast, hips, ass, and belly. Statues of her, the oldest statues on earth, are found worldwide. The civilization She birthed is called "totemic society"[use of animal or plant life as the identifying symbol of a Klan] , the original "marital" system was called "polyandry"[ the female chooses and mates with whomever she wishes, no marriages], and the original ritual was deploringly of virgin daughters with a dull stone knife, the original law was all daughters were sexually "off limits" until "initiated into womanhood" by the original ritual. Before the human Great Mother and her laws, human beings had no laws, no systems of marriage, no religion, no clans or tribes, no permanent villages, no farming, and very limited culture. The significance of this woman cannot be underestimated.

Let us look at the state of humanity when the human Great Mother begat civilization. What exactly did she do, and why? The "Great Mother"laid down the basis of being civil in order to protect her children! Having no laws concerning sexual conduct meant the occurrence of rape was very high, as was the rape of under age girls....Remember, we are talking about at least 100,000 years in the past. The Great Mother rectified this problem with several innovations, and we today do not know if only one woman accomplished them all, or if it was a succession of women over time.

The First Ritual

In order to prepare her daughters for the coming sexual approaches from males, the First Ritual was devised, its purpose was to prepare girls for womanhood. The GM and her eldest daughter deplored the younger daughters, breaking the hymen with a dull stone knife, afterglow they were considered "available".

The First Law was those girls who had NOT undergone the First Ritual were "off limits" to local males. As reproduction is essential to continued existence, the first laws and rituals dealt with sex.

The First Society arose when the Great Mother used the symbol of the Tree to identify herself and her children, who formed the first Klan, or tribe. The Great Mother was extremely prolific at childbearing, which is what made her powerful enough to bring about these changes. By marking all of her children, grandchildren, EST, with a tree symbol, and having birthed more children than any other woman, a trait shared by her children, the "Tree" people soon grew and began to dominate local food supplies. Another woman noted the Great Mother innovations and copied them, marking her children as the "Stone" people.....And so Law and Ritual began to spread.

The First Religion

As the centuries went on, the descendants of these women all saw the Great Mother as the original ancestor, the "life-giver" of the Klan, and they saw God in the Great Mother`s form. Fatherhood was still unknown [under a polyandrous system, a male cannot know which, if any, children are genetically his], so God was "Mother". As more time went on, the descendants forgot the original tales and said "my Mother is a tree", or a stone, or a cow, or a coyote, these being the symbols of their own Great Mother. As our knowledge of the Divine grew, the human Great Mother became the divine Great Mother [Apt, Auset, Het-Heru, Mut, Ashtarte, Virgin Mary, Olokun, Yemaya, Mother Nature, Eve, among many others]

The Rise of Man

After the original system of polyandry was replaced by group marriage [where everyone in the tribe is married to everyone else in the tribe, but no others] and then to polygamy, a male could at last be sure of which children came from him......and "fatherhood" was born. This was reflected with the advent of the "father Gods", the oldest of which is PTAH of the Nile Valley. When only Motherhood was known God was imaged as mother, but PTAH was not only "Father", He needed no mother to exist, being self-created. Already well known 10,000 years ago, we know PTAH today as "God" the Father, OBATALLA, the "God" of Abraham, Allah, Jehovah, Odin, ect. The rise of "fatherhood" in human society, with the switch from a matriarchal government to a patriarchal one, was reflected in religion with the Great Mother being reduced in importance in some areas, and completely removed in others, and made the source of misfortune in others. If you are a Christian, you no longer recognize Her at all, and blame Her for being kicked out of Eden.

Its a shame that in the biblical story everything bad is attributed to Her. Because female is blamed for all things bad in all 3 "major" religions means that u under a psychic attack that is DOUBLE that of a Black man. The cure is "knowledge of self", in this case knowing a more "accurate" story of human beginnings, one that matches the physical record. If you KNOW that you as a Black African Woman birthed all society, how can you be convinced that you are a "worthless nigger bitch?" The battle today is for the mind.........remember.....HUMAN THOUGHT was invented/perfected by YOU...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Most Destructive Movies Ever Made

Today we will discuss the 7 most destructive movies ever made. By deciphering these movies, perhaps we will be better prepared for future cinematic attacks, at the least, your deciphering skills should improve. This will help you better protect your children, your mate, and yourself.

The Ten Commandments [60`s]

The WORST movie ever made, the BIGGEST lie ever told, it is pure unadulterated bullshit! The biggest lie this movie tells is Yul Brenner playing the Great Ancestor Rameses II. By having this krakka play Pharoah, and krakkas playing all the ppl of Kmt, we have been removed from our proper place in history, and our accomplishments are acredited to krakkas. The Great Ancestor [as he was known by Kmtians] was NOT a krakka, was NOT defeated by "moses" [Ra-Meses, or "born of Ra" actually contains the Kmtic word "moses/mosis/meses/mose", which means born of], did NOT enslave "hebrews" [habiru], and there is no record of ANY EXODUS/PLAGUES. The Blackman is shown only as "nubian slaves" making all Africans symbolically slaves. More lies! In fact, this movie is so historically inaccurate it should be placed with the other fairy tales like "jack and the beanstalk" [Heru the child standing on top a lotus plant in Kmt] and "cinderella", and the one where the princess kisses a frog, turning him into a prince [the Frog-headed Goddess HEKAUT{?} transforming the girl into the woman]. The "defeat" of the God AMEN-RA by a semite "god" named "i am" is worse than idiotic: it hides the origin of AMEN in judeo-christian lore, and, "proves" the semites to be chosen, and thier god to be supreme, ab-so-lute-bullshit! This movie comes on every easter and i watch it intently every easter and have done so since the mid 80`s. It is the finest example known of dis-information. I list it first because it attacks all Africans everywhere on multiple levels, and has a huge distribution, and because so many consider this lie to be truth.

SUPER FLY [70`s]

The source of NTR knows how many cocaine addictions, long prison sentences, drug related murders, and shattered families, this 70`s "blaxploitation" movie remains deadly. It follows the life of a light skinned [and this was on purpose] coke dealer in nyc, and was one of the first of its kind ever made. Blacks flocked to see this movie, and naturally emulated what they saw, which meant the following: Super fly wore big pimp hats, long coats, high heeled shoes, drove a "pimped out" caddy, and had a stable of "workers" AND a stable of "bitches", so WE ALL WANTED: big pimp hats, expensive coats and high heeled [ i cant believe i actually wore em, or that my Pops actually allowed me to] shoes, and wanted the cars and the stables. THE EXACT MINDSET YOU DEALING WITH TODAY. How many of these "cultural markers" like coats and cars were placed there by our enemy, so that we would MAKE them cultural markers? Even the name lives on, the term fly was universal ny slang for "good" or "outstanding".....yo Born, u met Sesa, what she look like?.....yo Olb, she was fly, hair was fly....seen? In light of that, whats "superfly"? Ron Oneal in a pimp suit, snorting coke. And millions of Blacks imitated him, I couldnt wait to imitate superfly, and I didnt see it till I was grown [Pops banned me under threat of SEVERE ass-whuppin from seeing it], but copied what i heard about it! Superfly was the set-up for the 20 years later crack invasion.

THE MACK [70`s]

This is the defining movie for male /female relationships, from the male perspective. The whole "pimping" mentality is in it, and can be summed up in one phrase heard from coast to coast: pimps up/hoes down.


This movie accomplished both of its hidden objectives, first of which was being a university level course in narcotics retail/wholesale, or drug-dealing 101. The second, rarely noted, was the transference of the perception of a major dealer from white [italian mobster][al pacino] to brown [latin immigrant][al pacino!!!], or, from the "corleone" crime family to the faceless hord of non-white "wetbacks" and "spics". This shifted law enforcement in reality, and allowed white dealers to oversee the coming crack trade from yet another level of remoteness. Can you think of ONE pre-scarface [1984?] latino drug dealer? Every, and i mean every drug dealer idolizes scarface, combine "superfly" and "the mack" and scarface, and what do you get in 2005? A booming prison/cemetary population of young Blacks.

COLORS [80`s]

Who knew what a crip was in 1978, other than ppl in cali? Who knew what a blood was? Who cared about having on blue or red, or gang signs, or gangsta rap? The destructive gang lifestyle was basically confined to a few cities until "colors" came out. Colors is a movie about the police dept efforts to control the Black pop of l.a. by using "proactive" tactics. The hidden objective was to inflame blood/crip relations by only showing bloods getting blasted, and crips as dominant, AND, to spread the gang style nationwide. It worked like a charm. Gangs are nationwide now, the lifestyle is celebrated 24/7 on tv thru videos, and when u combine the gang with the mack, scarface, ect, you truly have a deranged set of circumstances leading to deranged human beings.


" A girl chile jus aint safe `round mens". The undisputed Queen of america, Oprah Winfrey, uttered this immortal line from the grandmother of blackman bashing movies....there was not one , NOT ONE, NOT ONE POSITIVE BLACK MALE IMAGE IN THE WHOLE MOVIE!!! Whoopies father raped her, the husband raped and abused her, the father-in-law was a old drunk, Oprahs husband was an idiot,and no other males had note-worthy roles. The not-so-hidden agenda was "niggers aint shit", the hidden agenda was "be a lesbian and solve your niggers aint shit problems". This movie winning awards was entirely predictable, as millions praised the images of the lowest, doggiest brothers seen on film since........damn, aint no precedent, these bro was even worse the the mack and superfy. The sisters, after undergoing centuries of brutal treatment without an outlet, jumped at the chance to "vent" thru this movie, and release some steam....did this movie, with its "lesbian solution", contribute to todays lesbian explosion? If a Black woman hates Black men, she hates herself! If she didnt do so much damage, i would feel for Alice Walker.......


WHAT THE FUCK WAS HALLE THINKING? I probably hate this movie more than any of theothers, for one reason: how are you [Halle Berry] gonna screw the cop that executed your husband? And come 45 times while doing so? WITH MUTHERFUCKING BILLIE BOB THORNTON???????? Im pissed off just writing this, I actually get mad thinking about it! The concepts in this movie compliment color purple, with the "answer" to the "niggers aint shit" question being: screw a pencil dick, hillbillie, no soul, krakka, white bread, chickenshit, cop, overseer klansman like bilie bob thornton. If you can find one that will have you. And if you aint as pretty as Halle, you need not apply. The scene where she screws billie bob is a nightmare, and i hope she was acting her ass off, cause i will never have respect for her again. If i hear "can you make me feel good" in my bed, im throwin ya the fuck out! Excuse me for cursing, but that shit makes me mad! This movie got Halle an oscar, but she deserved a "bedwench" award, cause that what she was.....if ya never seen this flick, DONT!

Gods/Goddesses, this is my short list for most damaging flicks ever made, and thier hidden agendas. If ya favorite aint on this list, or you think i missed some, let me know. Feedback is the only charge for this information.


What HAS to be done, WILL be done