Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Spread-eagled and staked to the ground, while getting your ass whipped in front of miss ann.......look at the krakka just standing there chillin.....Never Forget!

French West Indies, 1849


Blogger Sekhmet said...

Htp Born,

I find all of the pictures painful and disturbing, this one in particular.

For I see Afrikan humiliating and beating Afrikan under the watchful eye of his enslaver.

Shackled male and femail on hill, perhaps watching and awaiting their own fate. Massa, so nonchalant, its not the first ass whooping of the day - for they tend to find some excitement in their punishments.
Yet is the african woman who turns to comfort the white woman and child whilst her own plays with the chains which in time he will be bound.

The rest of us, unsmiling, we go about your business, pretending we dont see.

I think this is very telling of our psychology. And theirs.

No we must NEVER EVER forget.

6:08 PM  

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