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The animal and symbols in Kemet

The animals and symbol in Kmt.

The animals that were used in Kmt as symbols of the NTRW have been misunderstood for millenia. Outsiders have claimec that we worshipped animals in Kmt, and from outward appearances this was true, but is it? Various NTRW have animal forms, or part animal and part human forms, with the oldest being all animal, and the newest being mostly human. Why? We have also been accused of being polytheistic[ many Gods], as if that was inferior to being monotheistic [one God], or the truth, which is we are syntheistic [one Creator manifested as many Gods]. For understanding, today we gonna look at the animals used to symbolize NTRW and how they live on earth, and from that we will learn why they were symbolized, and what super-human power they represent.


Lets get that straight right now. Africa worshipped HERU, not peregrine falcons. So why use a falcon in the first place? Lets find out.
The falcon, a bird, has some interesting characteristics.....its the fastest animal on earth, capable of flying at speeds up to 200 has extreme arial agilty and can fly to the highest hieghts reachable by any bird............its a predator with deadly weaponry..........its TRAINABLE!!!!!!!!!......AND IT HAS SOME OF THE KEENEST EYESIGHT ON THE PLANET. The everyday sight of a peregrine falcon, flying high, high above in the sky, diving at incredible speed to catch a rodent you didnt even know was there, came to symbolize the GOD HERU. Check this, the bird symbolizes the soul. Flight/Highest hieghts symbolizes the soul`s rising up to Heaven, and also light. The speed and arial agility and ability symbolizes the warrior capabilities, as does the predator with deadly weaponry. Being trainable symbolizes the educational and initiation systems of "becoming Heru", and how you must train yourself, and the eyesight? That symbolizes your third eye, your innervision, your unclouded outervision, and your accurate warriors eye, which lets you hit your enemy while not hitting your allies. The Eye of Heru is its own subject, its so large. These are a few of the reasons the hawk was used to symbolize HERU. A great teacher of the mysteries of HERU is a hawk. A real, living, hawk.


Its funny, the sacred Ibis does not even exist in Kmt anymore....kinda symbolic that "wisdom" has expired with the Arab muslim rule of Kmt....the sacred Ibis is a bird that has a black head and neck, white body, black legs, lives in communites, flies in diagonal formation, build nests, and act as parents to the young, both male and female feed the chicks and protect them . The sacred Ibis lives near/on the water, eats small animals, insects, amphibians and other small aquatic life. It has the reknowned ability to stand on one leg for extended periods and is revered among Africans for the entire 4000 mile long span of the Nile. See this bird in your mind, standing in the Nile on one leg for hours, unmoving, observing, recording, contemplating, meditating......obviously in a state of trance.......and why it was considered "sacred" and symbolized wisdom becomes clear!


The jackal, or to us in the west, the dog, is easy to understand, because dogs are part of our everyday life, whereas hawks and ibises are not. Just take your pet dog, put it in an ancient context, and you can see ANPU, a "mans best friend". What functions does your pet dog serve? He is your friend, companion, he protects you, guards you from danger/enemies, he hunts with you, and he is loyal to you. What powers does he have that are superior to yours, that led him to be symbolized? His hearing is better than yours, his sense of smell is way better than yours, his eyesight, especially in the dark, is far far better than yours........he can locate lost humans, and return them to safety. Here is the God ANPU, the spiritual guide dog, locating lost souls, and leading them through the darkness of Amenta, the same function as a "seeing eye" dog performs for the blind today! The stellar mysteries of ANPU include lessons of the star Sirius, and the constellation of the jackal, and if these stellar lessons are learned the Pale Fox of the Dogon, and the Coyote of the American Indian are revealed. If you dont know the stellar, you will say the Dogon actually migrated here from Sirius, and misunderstand it completely. Study your own dog.


The dung beetle of Africa is a most peculiar insect, in many ways. The first of which is it is extremely hard to kill, to the point it was considered indestructable. The second was this: a single beetle would roll some dung into a ball, and bury the ball in the earth. When the Nile flooded, the ball was submerged beneath the water. When the water receeded, the new beetle would fly up out of the mud. Check this: indestructable symbolized the ever-living, the infinite. The rolling of dung into a ball symbolizes the Creation of earth, the planets, the Sun, and the spheres of the tree of life. The Nile symbolized the waters of Nu, the birth of a new beetle flying up out of the mud symbolized the male Self-begetter, who gave birth to Himself, with no Mother. How could the Creator [KHEPERA] Create Himself? Watch the scarab beetle beget himself, and know thyself!


The giant snake, called here a python, was one of our deadliest predators from the dawn of time, the source of many a painful death to our Ancestors. These giant snakes from the great lakes, our birthplace, hunted primarily at night, ate us primarily at night, and became associated with the dangers of night, and then night itself. This is Apep, the original evil, extremely ancient, when you think of satan you are thinking of Set, when thinking of Set you are thinking of Apep! Apep = the devil, the father of evil [sebau]. Apep as the evil darkness, or drought, was symbolized by a giant snake that ate up all the sunlight, or drank up all the water. In later times, Apep symbolized the monster [Set] that tries to prevent the human soul [HERU] from attaining perfection [AUSAR].


The mighty elephant, the true king of beasts, the undisputed baddest mf in Africa [have you ever seen any animal intimidate an elephant?] is not symbolized in Kmtian Medu Neter, is not symbolized at all, or is it? Elephants have the largest brain of ANY mammal, is a social animal with complex mating rituals, has its own language [its subsonic], and mourns its dead, and is highly adaptable to changing circumstances [they ranged from ice to desert]. All these and more led to the elephant being used to symbolize Pharoah. How do i see this? Do the following: get a frontal, full facial pic of both an African elephant and Pharoah Tut-Ankh-Amen. The headress of Tut represents the elephants ears, and the false beard represents the trunk. Just look, you will see it.
Whenever you see an animal used to signify NTRW, study the phisical animal itself, and allow the NTRW within the animal to teach you the mystery.......this way, the opinion of writers such as myself dont get in your way, and you learn direct. htp......PEACE AND LOVE.......Akintunde Amenosis


Blogger Sesa Woruban said...

Brother Born, I don't want you to think you've gotten away with this "The elephant - Pharaoh" stuff (lol!). I am doing the research now. I found the symbolism for the fake beard, now I am working on the royal headdress.

No, I cannot let this one slide by!



5:50 AM  
Blogger Born Understanding said...

"slide by"? Sis, just get the pics I suggested, and see for will be obvious. Thanx, share ya research when ya done....Cant Stop, Wont Stop

12:50 PM  
Blogger Sesa Woruban said...

Ok, so I had to to go The Big Gun. If you don't know who Ra Nehem is, he has a website

And I quote:
Mikyia wo [I greet you] Sesa,

I've been meaning to get back to you on this.

Here's a link to an article with pictures.

The beard is reflective of the "goatee" of Ntoru/Neteru Khnum (okukunwem in Twi), Ba Neb Tata, and most importantly Amen (in their sacred Ram forms). Goats have full goatees but some Rams have a little fur in the same area.

You're right about the hood of the cobra. Also though, some of the headdresses represent ram's horns they include the stripes). In fact, sometimes you'll see a combination headdress of the ram's horns with the hooded cobra headdress on top of it.

The hair is one of the main channels by which the Abosom Deities) possess priests/priestesses and others. This is why the hair is sacred. Hair (melanin dominant hair of Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit people) in the region of the "goatee" directly affects the means by which "maakheru" (being true of voice---voicing the messages of the Deities and Ancestral Spirits) manifests through a priest or priestess. It helps them function as a proper medium/mouthpiece of the Spirits. It can also cool our speech and make us more reserved, whereas when we remove the beard our spiritual fire (as manifest through our speech) is less restricted.

Ma asomdwoee-Hetep,
Ra Nehem

5:09 AM  

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